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    Trade  2006 LC Rear Deflector for Trade

    I have a silver "whale tail" rear deflector (complete and in VG condition) from a 2006 LC that I want to SWAP for a "good old" standard 100 series compatible deflector (one of the black plastic ones) ... in good condition and also complete with all mounting parts. Bob in Denver
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    Got a jones for an 80

    Friends, I drive a 2006 LC which I love completely … almost. I say almost because I'm am so disgusted with the "whale tail" rear foil that it keeps me awake at night. What were they thinking?! Anyway, I want to get back to the LC roots and am looking at a few 1997's on line. Problem is that...
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    Wanted  Looking for factory grille for 2006 LC

    Looking for new or good condition used factory grill for a 2006 LC in the Denver/front range CO area.
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