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    What is this on my stock '75 FJ40 carb?

    From SOR's carb identifier page it looks like carbs from a few different years have them (but not all consecutive years, and not all federal and/or California...interesting), but most don't. Is it emissions-related? Does it serve any purpose (when the lead is connected) if my vehicle is...
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    2F smooth then rough, smooth then rough, smooth now rough...

    A few weeks ago I finally got my 1975 FJ40 running for the first time since having my 2F rebuilt a while back. After the initial startup (30 minutes between 1500 and 2500 RPMs) it briefly ran beautifully, then suddenly wouldn't idle below about 1100 RPMs. After a bit of troubleshooting (stock...
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    '75 FJ40 sending units

    The head on my 2F has two similar sending unit-looking things near each other. The front one is pretty much directly in between the carb and air cleaner, and the rear one is close to the heater valve shutoff (?): I assume one of these is the water temp sending unit - but what's the other...
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    Desmogged '75 FJ40 vacuum routing help

    I know there are already some good threads on this general topic, but I haven't come across one that seems to cover my exact setup (if you happen to read this and know of an existing thread with answers to my questions, please post a link!). My FJ40 was desmogged by its previous owner, and all...
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    Wanted  2F connecting rod

    Looking for one good used/cheap 2F connecting rod. If anyone has one they're looking to unload, please let me know. Thanks! Ben Bellingham, WA
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    Wanted  Good used 2F crankshaft

    Mine has pretty bad scoring on multiple journals, machinist says it may not be workable - so I'm looking into replacing. I'm in Bellingham, WA (for shipping purposes)...any tips/leads would be appreciated! Oh, I could use a connecting rod, too. :) Thanks, Ben
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