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  1. LandcruiserIsland

    What hitch do you use that fits around 33" spare?

    See title, trying to figure out how to get a hitch installed that will fit with a larger 33" spare tire?
  2. LandcruiserIsland

    1997 LX 450 **need help, trailer hitch bolt kit**

    Hey all, I have a 97 lx450, and have the factory installed trailer hitch. The issue is I had it removed to fit a 33" spare tire, and the shop forgot to save the mounting bolts... (they told me they mounted on truck to save but there is nothing there). Where can I buy the mounting hardware for...
  3. LandcruiserIsland

    Need help selecting HIR bulbs for 97 LX450 / Landcruiser

    Hey all, I've searched quite a bit and narrowed my needs down to "HIR" bulbs. I just need a little bit more light for the next year or two until I'm ready to do a proper HID conversion. I just can't seem to find out what I need to get for my 1997 LX 450...
  4. LandcruiserIsland

    Wanted  Full cover for cd changer area 97lx450

    Looking for the 'full' cover for the area where the CD changer was located in a 97 lx450. Currently I have one that has the hole for the cd changer, looking for the one that covers the whole area so I can hide that hole. Brown color.
  5. LandcruiserIsland

    Wanted  97 LX450 Passenger seat.

    Looking for a close to mint passenger seat (powered w lumbar support). Tan color. Mine is so lose it shakes like crazy just driving around town... looking for non loose, close to perfect shape.
  6. LandcruiserIsland

    Hello from Victoria

    Hey guys, I've been a part of IH8Mud for years and years and never thought to click on clubhouses and see if there was a Landcruiser club here on the island. Stoked to have found one! I was posting for help with finding a mechanic that can help with some of the more hardcore (axels, etc) stuff...
  7. LandcruiserIsland

    Passenger seat rattles a lot, ideas on how to fix?

    My passenger seat rattles a lot when doing easy driving. Its almost like its kind of loose and its really quite annoying, rest of car does not rattle. Anyone have any idea on how to refurbish or fix these seats? It's almost like it needs to be taken apart and some rubber bushings put into...
  8. LandcruiserIsland

    Cool hidden handsfree setup

    Just by chance, my 97LX 450 was my awesome grandpas. So many great memories in it and I inherited it. I've made it a real priority to keep it looking as 'stock' as possible. I'll upload more pics, but what I did was install a bluetooth cd player in the old cd changer (anyone got a full face...
  9. LandcruiserIsland

    Need help, dealership is quoting $5k for front axels

    Hey guys, brought 97 LX450 into dealership to investigate clicking while turning, they want to replace all front axels... say its going to cost $3500 for the two front axels plus all the little extra parts, and then 1500 labour, then tax. seems way to crazy... problem is, have not been able to...
  10. LandcruiserIsland

    Anyone know a Mechanic in Victoria, BC Canada?

    Hey all, looking for a mechanic in Victoria or Vancouver that has a lot of experience with the 80 series. Looking to do a lot of fixes and updates, and the dealership is out to lunch cost wise. Really appreciate any help! Even if you know someone that might know?
  11. LandcruiserIsland

    Need help selecting lift/tires LX 450

    Hey all, am about to finally do a lift for my 1997 LX 450. I've done a ton of research but wanted to get some feedback. Wanting to find something that is not rough at all, will mostly be driving on pot hole crap roads and logging roads, with some minor off roading. BC gets super wet and muddy...
  12. LandcruiserIsland

    24Volt Alarm System Help Needed HJ61

    I just got back from a long day dealing with a local alarm company here in Victoria BC. Originally they had told me that they could install an alarm system for my Diesel HJ61. Once the truck was their they totally backed out and said they couldn't do it at all, and they had not ordered a 24volt...
  13. LandcruiserIsland

    Anyone installed Hella Horns on a 24volt?

    I want to hook up some new hella horns on my HJ61 Diesel 24volt. EDIT// I found these here They come in 24volt as well which is sweet! Question: Can I hook these larger horns up on a 89 HJ61? Where would I mount them as the stock ones...
  14. LandcruiserIsland

    Any tips on where to get a Jackall (jack) mount for an HJ61?

    Hey all, Im about to try to manufacture a mount for a large Jackall (jack) It will go on a flat roof rack. Any suggestions on where I could purchase a good jack mount for a HJ61 before I break out the welding equipt? THanks :)
  15. LandcruiserIsland

    HD61 Clutch Clatter/rattle in 1-3rd Gear

    Hey all, new member just joined here. Just bought a HJ61 from a member here on Vancouver Island. Just a quick question about clutch noise. In first, second, and third gear (when just driving normally not shifting), I hear quite a loud metallic clatter that sounds like its coming from beneath...
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