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  1. jfc

    2H Injection Pump Leak

    My wife's 2H injection pump is leaking diesel from the top. Doing some reading on here it seems to be the injector valve seal. Is this just an o-ring? Any idea what size? Is there a seal kit out there? Also the injector valve seal seems to have some sort of lock on it, any secific...
  2. jfc

    Where is Calgary BC?

    I been all over BC never seen Calgary. Is it somewhere by Stoner?
  3. jfc

    Thanks John x3...

    Thanks for taking me fishing John, can't believe your 3.
  4. jfc

    Yellow Snow

    I know I should post this in the dodge section but nobody goes in there. Yesterday i noticed that when I start my dodge in the morning an let it warm uf for about 30 min, the snow pile next to the exhaust goes yellow. I though it may be because it was so cold out ~-30C, today was much warmer...
  5. jfc


    so lindsay said her brakes hit the floor the other day, so I took it out for a drive and everything seemed fine, checked the fluid and it was a little low. So I did an investigatiohn and found every thing to be good except a leaky back cylinder. I topped up the fluid just incase she needed...
  6. jfc

    12v radio into 24v truck

    Couple of questions I got a 24 to 12 converter. The Radio wants one wire to constant 12V and one to intermittent 12V. And one to ground. I want ot put a 24v switch in so that I can shut off the converter, as it tends to kill the battery if I dont use the truck for a week or so. 1)...
  7. jfc

    HJ60 Batteries

    What size do I need? Places in town are NAPA, Canadian Tire, CAT that I can think of. Thanks I apologize if this is already in the parts number list (forgive me I got dial up, and its four pages :crybaby:)
  8. jfc

    Brake Light BJ60

    I just finished a four month brake job on my BJ60. In the end I had to install new calipers , brakelines on the front, and and rare axel seals, on top of the new pads and shoes I was planning on. I bled the brakes and they ar a little soft, but pretty good, but it feels like my foot is...
  9. jfc

    Cummins Rough Idle

    Hi all, I am having a very rough idle, but runs decent (a little rough) when reved up Fuel filters been changed and now lift pump changed. The only thing I couldn't do is prime it, as I can't seem to figure out how to turn the crank 90 degrees, (What the best way?) I tried priming while...
  10. jfc

    Dodge  Transfer Case Vibration

    When I am pulling a load, uphill I notice it the most, I get an vibration type noise, that goes away when I grab the T-case shifter, I feel some vibration in the shifter.... Bearings?? I got an 92, 250, CTD, 5-speed. Any idea's would be appreciated
  11. jfc

    Rear Seatbelts

    Which cruiser modles and what years did they start having the shoulder strap in the rear? The :princess: talked to ICBC about the :bounce: and he's got to be in a booster seat for a while :rolleyes: and he needs (iguess by law) a shoulder belt, which is ok as he can sit in the front and one...
  12. jfc

    My sh*t

    1:I got a spring clamp baisoil on my perch, will probably cut it off but could this cause a vibration? 2: my BFG's got 70% tread but are showing some crks on the tread is this normal, or is it related to the cold winter weather, I guess i got keep an eye on it
  13. jfc

    Going Wheelin' tis weekn'd

    Need to fix my junk first:eek: The second isnt in focus, but I dont think the newsprings will get as much fles without these flex points,...................I also got to weld a bit on my frame:doh:, and a couple nights to get er done
  14. jfc

    Cristina Falls

    wasn't there a thread on cristina falls here, anyway kevin saya he mayde it in with his heep and all his heep buddies, sho maybey we should plan a trip sometime not sure if they cut anys trees or any thing I still need to fix my frame before I go anywhere:mad:
  15. jfc

    New Truck

    This is where it rested for some Time, Plan I to fix up and flat deck, once the shop is built:doh: Cant wait, Thanks Howard
  16. jfc

    Work Truck Build Up Frame off??

    Should THis progejt be a frame off.
  17. jfc

    '82 HJ60 For Sale in Sydney

    We are from Canada, and bought the truck in September for our trip around Australia. We will be in Sydney around early to mid December 2005 to sell the truck. We are currently just north of Perth and will be travelling the south coast back to Sydney. It is tan with brown interior, seats 6...
  18. jfc

    2H Priming Pump

    Do the priming pumps on the 2H injection pump screw down like on the 3B? Or do they remain open? I opened mine and no matter what I try I can't seem to close it. I don't know if I actually unscrewed it or if it was already open. Can running with it open cause any damage or problems? We...
  19. jfc

    Overheating?? DownUnder

    Hi all, travelling around austraila with our '82 HJ60 we have been experiencing some irregularities in the engine temperature. When we left Sydney the temperature seemed to stay quite constant, almost always under or at half on the guage. As we travelled north the engine seems to be running...
  20. jfc

    Jim and Lindsay's Wedding

    Ok, we are off to the land down under tonight. A little hectic gettin ready with the wedding and stuff. Were both super excited and ready to go,
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