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  1. Cornhusker

    Builds 200 build thread

    Beautiful rig. I remember seeing it up at Uwharrie towing your 40. I was jealous as soon as I saw it.
  2. Cornhusker

    For Sale 1996 Monstalined LX450 CHARLESTON SC 298k

    Looks like a solid truck. I wish I wasn't in a holding pattern until I close on my house at the end of the month or would buy this for my daughter and a second rig for myself. Good luck with the sale. I want that rear bumper.
  3. Cornhusker


    Just registered. Stoked! Fantastic event!
  4. Cornhusker

    Heading out-good shower shoes?

    I always bought the cheap plastic ones, but on my last deployment noticed a lot of the guys had Crocs.
  5. Cornhusker

    Military Discount

    4 wheel parts does Military as well.
  6. Cornhusker

    Welcome to Veterans' Highway!

    Welcome brother. I was a 2141 myself. Just retired in January. Nice rigs.
  7. Cornhusker

    Important update regarding GSMTR 2020

    It will be good to meet some other Georgia cruiser guys. I’ll be taking my 80 to this.
  8. Cornhusker

    Important update regarding GSMTR 2020

    Who else from the area is heading up to this?
  9. Cornhusker

    Important update regarding GSMTR 2020

    I just registered. Excited to go and glad to see other club members will be there so I will know someone.
  10. Cornhusker

    Important update regarding GSMTR 2020

    Is anyone else planning on attending?
  11. Cornhusker

    SOLD Virginia Beach VA: 1994 80-series part out

    Windshield wiper motor?
  12. Cornhusker

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    I’m still looking for a main fuse box cover for under the hood and even more so for a windshield wiper motor. I will be heading to Uwharrie tomorrow until Sunday. I hope it doesn’t rain or I’m going blind. Thank you in advance.
  13. Cornhusker

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Awesome! Thank you.
  14. Cornhusker

    need help with Truck Decision

    Having bought a brand new Ram 2500 with the Cummins in 2016, I would recommend not buying a Ram. They have front end issues and chew through tires. Every time my truck went to the dealer (tried a few different) it came out with more issues than it went in. The quality isn't there. I had bad...
  15. Cornhusker

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    I need a windshield wiper motor and a cover for the main fuse box under the hood for my 1995 80 Series if anyone has either lying around by chance.
  16. Cornhusker

    SOLD No Reserve BAT. 2000 Lexus LX470 *Bulit* *3xLocked* *Overland*

    I'm surprised you're selling it. Your's makes both of my 100's look like little babies. Good luck with the sale.
  17. Cornhusker


    I know we have emailed each other James and everything for me is the same, except on the private access guided location, I will take the hard since I was originally going medium. I'm up for the challenge as is the new 80 I think. I still want to keep my OEX training on Friday.
  18. Cornhusker

    Parting Out Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    Do you have an exhaust for a 95-97 (Manifold back or cat back) as well as the main fuse box cover (under the hood)?
  19. Cornhusker

    Parting Out 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FJZ80 FJ80 LX450 maroon color - Decatur, GA

    Do you have the under hood main fuse box cover? Any chance you held onto the exhaust?
  20. Cornhusker

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    What is your price range on the longboard and midsize surfboards? Beginner or experienced surfer? I still have a handful of boards from when I lived in California and surfed every day. I have wetsuits, fins, leashes and just about anything else you could think of surf wise.
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