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  1. Vlad

    GXOR stuff

    I started a couple of shirts and goodies for GXOR logos if you all want some. coffee is in stock, a limited run of TEQ GXOR shirts, and the links at the bottom have other the new bumper mount bottle opener from Cruiser Crap (click their logo).
  2. Vlad

    GXOR and GA 4Runner Meetup.

    Having a local meetup in Milton on the 4th if you can make it. GXOR GA4R Meet & Greet and Be Merry clock Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 12 PM – 4 PM Next Week pin Mazzy's Sports Tavern - Milton 13695 Hwy 9 North, Milton, Georgia 30004
  3. Vlad

    Anyone close?

    Calling in an emergency! Anyone in the Rowland, NC area that can help a fellow GXer out? Stuck on Skilar and Iona Church Dr just off of I 95. GPS coordinates (34.5205721, -79.2521420) thanks in advance! Cell is 954-257-5898.
  4. Vlad

    SEMA/NV peeps

    Anyone in town for SEMA? Have a few things planned
  5. Vlad

    For Sale  GA: $14,000 - 2017 new wave teardrop overland teardrop

    $16,000 with your choice of wheel and tire. $14,000 if you bring your own. This trailer has served me well but I got a great deal on an upgrade. Sale will include EVERYTHING as it sits, including all the equipment, accessories, and bedding. Will also include wheels and tires to match your...
  6. Vlad

    Lexus GXOR Concept

    Lexus brought a surprise for me and the GXOR crew at Summit!
  7. Vlad

    Fuel tank skid and aftermarket lower control arm FYI

    I (my mechanic) discovered that if you have an aftermarket gas tank skid and aftermarket lower control arms (MT in my case) the bolt will only go in from the outside. This puts the slack in the threads toward the skid. In the process of bolting up...this will push the excess threads into the...
  8. Vlad

    Seat Heaters

    Does anyone know how the wiring works for the seat heaters? I am trying to get the Scheel Mann to work off the factory harness and controls and it will energize the switch but not deliver any heat. I am going to try and bypass the controller next. Any thoughts?
  9. Vlad

    For Sale  4 35x12.50R17 Ridge Grapplers (50%)

    Swapped to fresh meat. Have 4 off the wheels and ready to go. Ideally local pickup near 30188. Have normal wear and a few lugs have rock bites. No cuts, no holes. $600 OBO
  10. Vlad

    For Sale  GA (ATL) $100 100 series home made rack and $100 BFG KO2 275/70R18 (1, new)

    Took this home made rack off. I assume it was made by Marius as this was his truck and the last owner didn't build or install it. Needs to be cleaned up, probably would throw a few more welds to reduce the rattle. It is stout to say the least. Would need new hardware to bolt into the stock...
  11. Vlad

    Window clip repair attempt :)

    I had a damaged regulator and the clips are off the glass. going to attempt a toyota clip and a new regulator and seeing if I can stitch her back together. Should be fun! :)
  12. Vlad

    Back in the 100 forum :)

    Thanks @zolo Picking her up tomorrow!
  13. Vlad

    FB GX460 (wow)

    GX460 for sale in Atlanta
  14. Vlad


    I know many don't do Facebook... But I keep it public so you can see it. Offering t-shirts and stickers if you like... Guess I have to talk to Woody about a vendor membership when he visits in a few days GXOR
  15. Vlad

    GXOR Giveaway

    Not trying to take anyone away from Mud (encourage membership of both!), but we have a big giveaway starting the first week of July for members of GXOR. We sort of went overboard and have more stuff to giveaway than some TLCA events :). If you guys are on GXOR, pay attention to the posts...
  16. Vlad

    For Sale  34x10.50R17 BFG AT KO2 (5 for sale)

    5 BFG AT KO2s. Less than 5000 miles on 4 with some trail use (scuffs, minor tread cuts). 1 brand new spare. $1500 new. $900. Local pickup preferred. Shipping PM me for price (30188 zip).
  17. Vlad

    Richland Rd. near Charlotte?

    Heard of a trail system near there...anyone have deets? PM is find if it is a lesser known spot.
  18. Vlad

    GXOR is live

    Using FB for more event planning than anything. I am VERY active here, but I am also starting a FB group for GXes (470/460). Woody, I apologize in advance and feel free to delete if you don't like cross posting :)
  19. Vlad

    For Sale  FJ/4R/GX470 UCAs, FJ Sliders, LCAs, CV for sale

    I have Allpro Apex sliders (clean metal) and Icon tubular UCAs for sale. New, never used. If you want both, $1000 (local in ATL or + shipping). If you want just the sliders, $500 (local only) - Fits FJ Cruisers only If you want just the UCAs, $650 (+ shipping) - Fits 03-09 4R/GX and all FJs I...
  20. Vlad

    When I said to wait for a bumper decision....

    SEXY!!! Metal Tech 4x4 GX470 Front Bumper Stage 1
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