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  1. J Mack

    Scrap steel shenanigans.

    I know there are probably better sections to post this stuff in but I don't get outside of the sty much here on Mud so I'm posting it here. I've been out in the shop staying busy making stuff out of scrap steel until this crazy times is behind us and I'm able to predict if I'm going to make any...
  2. J Mack

    Plug Weld Magnet for Spot Welds and Seam Welding

    Searching the interwebs looking for parts for my Shrinker-Stretcher and stumbled on this handy little tool, man I wish I had one of these when I filled the eleventy million firewall holes in my pig.
  3. J Mack

    Good info to have

    When working on pigs.
  4. J Mack

    FREE  Hood
  5. J Mack

    BUTT Weld

    Might have to try this next time I butt weld some sheet metal. I know a few of your guys are currently at this phase on your builds so I thought I'd share.
  6. J Mack

    For Sale  1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

    Not Mine......... 'fj55' | Fall Big Boy Toy Sept. 26th, '19 - 6pm | United Country Musick & Sons Lot # 9a...
  7. J Mack

    Might need some local to Boise, Rear axle shafts 40/55

    @TachedOutOffRoad bought the red/white 1969 pig that was for sale and his plan is to fly into Boise and drive it home to Alabama, current owner said he would replace the rear wheel bearings before a cross country trip ( he states they have play) and I have offered to give a hand. I would like to...
  8. J Mack

    Pig Party Swap Meet?

    Are any of you guys attending the 2019 pig party looking for anything in particular? Might be a good time to post some request and save some shipping.
  9. J Mack

    For Sale  1970 Toyota FJ55 for Sale

    Not mine but I want the rear seats if you buy it.
  10. J Mack

    For Sale  1975 Toyota FJ-55 Land Cruiser/Buggy

    Not mine. @Delancy and @Lil'John could tell you more about this build and builder "FC fab" than I if you have questions. Description CONTACT INFO - 601.259.6734 Chassis - 1975 FJ-55 - original title and currently registered in MS Built several years ago by the metal magician in NorCal Full...
  11. J Mack

    Wanted  Driver’s side taillight assembly

    Well I was digging through my junk boxes looking for my taillights and found two sets of passenger’s side lights but no driver’s side. If you have one let me know how much you want shipped to Boise, I have lots of good hard to find parts if you prefer to trade just let me know what you...
  12. J Mack

    Clark Staves AKA "Screwzer"

    Clark was involved in a roll over accident and could use some prayer right now. Don't know that Ive seen him post over here on mudd but I thought some of you OG pig owners may have known Clark, he was an active pig owner and sounds like he...
  13. J Mack

    For Sale  Pig body

    Listed in the Pig section, shoot me a PM or reply in the other ad if you're interested. For Sale - PIG Body
  14. J Mack

    For Sale  PIG Body

    Located in the Boise Idaho area. As some of you know I needed a door and bought an entire body to get it. The only way this made sense is if I removed the quarters for my other pig project and spread the cost of body and shipping between the two projects. So now I have a body sitting in my...
  15. J Mack

    Wanted  9/73-5/77 FJ55Drivers door.

    According to SOR 9/73-5/77 FJ55’s used the non-vent window and had the square front edge. If you have one that’s in good shape with little or no rust and are willing to ship I’ll take it.
  16. J Mack

    Wanted  Drivers door, 9/73-5/77 FJ55

    According to SOR 9/73-5/77 FJ55’s used the non-vent window and had the square front edge. If you have one that’s in good shape with little or no rust and are willing to ship I’ll take it.
  17. J Mack

    Wanted  Late Grill and lower valance

    I’m looking for a late A/C grill with the TOYOTA letters cut out like this photo, also the lower valance just below the grill. Give me price plus shipping to 83634 if you have one.
  18. J Mack

    Pig Party shirts are ordered.

    In the interest of not adding to the pig party “bowl of spaghetti’ I’’ start a new thread for this. He charged me $10.00 per shirt so that’s the final price. Hanes Beefy-T Crewneck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Color, Charcoal Heather. Quantity/ Size 10/XXL 10/XL 13/L 8/M I will deliver the box...
  19. J Mack

    The angry pig

    I've been contemplating that after I fix my current project pig I should buy something lower buck for going out in the desert and knocking the quarter panels off and keep the current rig for camping and daily driving. So I was thinking what would an Ultra 4 4400 class fj55 look like and after...
  20. J Mack

    Hood rest pads?

    Can OEM hood rest pads 5334990351 still be ordered or is there a replacement for these, 34 in this photo? SOLO also looks to be out of stock.
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