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  1. rondog

    protection question and off road pics from the weekend

    Shock mounts If you have issues with the shock mounts move 'em! You have the equipment! make some shock hoops while your at it like I did.:clap: Good luck.
  2. rondog

    leak - how bad is this?

    Leak fix If it seem to be in the RMS area then you may as well do the pan gasket along with the trans. seals.I recently did a clutch job for a guy and he wanted the RMS done as well(smart) but the leak ended up being the main shaft seal in the gear box(the front shaft), we then replaced the...
  3. rondog

    Slee Rear Bumper

    custom fabwork worth it? I personally think anything Cristo makes is worth it!! Being a fabricator and knowing what goes into design time, build time etc.. Custom bumpers are time consuming! Why do you think no one is really making them for the 60's anymore? Everyone wants one, but no one...
  4. rondog

    Where to buy gears?

    gears Randy's ring and pinion sells quality stuff!! quote=TCinVA;3375655]With y'alls input, I decided I need 4.88 gears for my son's '83 mini. I just put a 3" lift and 13.50/33x15 mud grapplers on it. It looks awesome, but definately needs to be regeared. Where is the best place to...
  5. rondog

    I need an engine asap

    got a vortec! I got a 5.3 you can drop in that bad boy!
  6. rondog

    Soa or OME

    Four linking the rear Kurtis, PM me and we can swap info. I am in AZ as well and can help you out with both or one of your ideas on the 60! Rondog - Vigilante fabworks P.S.- this is just in mock-up stage, but you can get an idea!
  7. rondog

    Exo /tube fenders FJ60

    Exo cage and fenders Check out IPOR's rockcrawler section.They did a 60 with d60/14blt combo, exo, etc.. it's awesome.
  8. rondog

    Slee Rear Bumper

    bumper prices! Yeah I hear ya! everyone wants the rear bumpers, but when you make them they think their too expensive! Has anyone tried to make a bumper that detailed and nice? If you have you know that they are well worth the price at that! Great looking bumpers as always, I love your work Cristo.
  9. rondog

    ford shock tower

    ford shock towers wrong ones! Sorry.
  10. rondog

    Anyone seen these "Johnny Joint" type rod ends?

    johnny joints! The Original Johnny Joints are the way to go, Currie has them for $39.95 and they are a completely forged, one piece rebuildable unit.Just stay away from the welded ones.
  11. rondog

    Click - no start

    solenoid problem! Sounds like the solenoid! You can get a hammer and bang on the solenoid a little bit, if it starts wich it probably will you know thats it.That is the main symptom though that I know of for click - no start trouble.Good luck.
  12. rondog

    Wheel spacer/adapter pics wanted

    Bad Azzz 80! That is a VERY clean 80! great stance and look too!Unfortunately I have to sell my 60, which I had converted to coils with the Slee 6" lift, but came across an 80 that will get the lift and 37" toyos! good to see one exactly how high I want to be, with the tires too! Great...
  13. rondog

    ARB front bumper won't fit!

    bumper not fitting! Sorry to hear that!:frown: That is the problem with prodution stuff, someone fell asleep and said"close enough" lets run it. but it can be modified I'm sure, just the principal of the whole thing, I know you paid good money for it!
  14. rondog

    drivetrain leaks - Questions

    leaky cruiser! One more thing I found to leak is the tranny shaft seal (the shaft that comes out of the tranny and goes into the bellhousing/clutch area). I did a clutch recently for a customer along with the rear main,oil pan, and transfer case output seals.Once we were in there we noticed...
  15. rondog

    tube doors

    nice doors! Yeah! I've always liked your cruiser, but now I'm in love!!:clap: Those doors are SWEET!!
  16. rondog

    rear bumper w/tire /hi-lift carrier

    prices! I will get a price list together for all the products and submit it to Kavik Offroad, there is where you will find them!:D Thanks for you interest, Rondog -Vigilante Fabworks
  17. rondog

    Another rear bumper thread

    thanks dan! Thanks Dan, I don't know how to do that either...Linking.
  18. rondog

    Need some help.Front bumper ideas.

    tow ponits I use .250 wall for the down tubes and the main tube when mounting those.(I bought the poison spider one's before,but would buy yours if the price is nice!:))They are nice.
  19. rondog

    Another rear bumper thread

    better handles for your swing-outs! Yeah! go to Kavik offroad and look at my link,there is a pic of the latching area on a bumper I recently built.You could try a set of these, the mod should be fairly easy. Goodhand latches.good luck. For some reason I can't get my pics to take, to post up on...
  20. rondog

    Need some help.Front bumper ideas.

    nice clevis mounts! Those are real nice clevis mounts! could you bevel the mounting surface to fit 1 3/4" - 2" tubing? Cause that would be sweet.:hhmm: awesome work by the way!
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