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    non US HZJ/HDJ owners power steering hose question

    I need to buy an aftermarket hose that runs between the reservoir and cooler hose on HZ/HD engines. Is there a source? see photo below.
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    For Sale  Five 16" 5 x 150 79 series steel rims, fits 100 series, Tundra, and Sequoia (in Tucson)

    Hello all- I have 5 of these from new with no road miles but three had rollers mounted in the past and are a little scuffed from moving for 6 or 7 years. They fit all modern LC 1998+ 5 lug pattern w 14mm studs and 2007+ Tundra and Sequoia. 16" x 6" wide. Will drop off to So AZ and Phoenix...
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    For Sale  12v 70 series blower fan

    I had to get a new blower box 12v, needed 24v so swapped in my old motor only to have a mouse eat the insulation and grate which made me buy a second. fan $65 paypal including CONUS freight (1 available). in Tucson
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    need info on an 80 series shop in Flagstaff

    Hello all and happy new year. A friend loaned his truck to another guy who has broken down in Ganado and will get towed into Flag asap. 1995 80 series. Any good shops to recommend for him? loss of power is all I got and starter issues a few days ago. Thanks in advance. Rick Tucson
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    For Sale  79 series pick up bed with tailgate and headache rack

    Mine truck as new take off with some scuffs from storage and moving. Extra tank style with filler neck on right rear panel. Located in Tucson although I am traveling to southern California in next few weeks and could take it to Hemet/San Jacinto. $2,500 as is. free shipping on my California...
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    h150/151 early vs late spline

    In 1999 models the input shaft of the transfer case switched from a shaft with pressed on gears to an all in one gear and shaft. Are the splines on the transmission the same?
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    For Sale  h150/1 transmission shifter relocation kit

    These are all the parts needed to move the shifter back about 7" on a h150/1. These were purchased new, installed, then uninstalled before use. $250 with shipping in CONUS
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    For Sale  70 series h150/1 shifters transfer and 5sp

    70 series h150/1 transfer case shifter with knob and op rod and RHD transmission shifter. These fit the big transmissions only NO H55 applications. $200 shipped in CONUS
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    For Sale  1hdt spares

    prices include US post office shipping in lower 48. paypal best. These are all 1994 1hdt spares. power steering pump $149 dipstick and tube $27 bellhousing stiffners (second generation) sold bellhousing intermediate plate $75 80 series motor mounts arms, rubber, and insulators $59 80...
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    Wanted  dash supports EARLY 70 series- **finders fees**

    I installed an early bj70 dash in my truck rhd to lhd conversion but found that i lack the correct early support brackets (see image). The desired versions are only good thru 7/1986 for right or left hand drive models. The 8/1987-2000+ common arms I have and cannot use. I want someone to find a...
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    hzj79 sub tank line routing, need a visit to dealership

    So I am sitting in sunny Arizona with a hand full of fuel lines that eventually traveling back and forth from the engine bay to the main tank and sub tank. I need someone (maybe Australia hint) to drop by a dealership to look at a cab chassis truck and see how the lines route and maybe take a...
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    For Sale  40/60/70 series free hubs

    a pair of gold/black free hubs. Fits std birfields not the long asco '76 style. $115 shipped in CONUS (lower 48).
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    For Sale  split rim rings (4)

    Hello guys- I have four take off new split rim outer rings in Tucson and will ship in lower 48 for $120 paypal total. want these gone.
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    For Sale  hzj7x snorkel type air cleaner

    Early to 2006 snorkel air cleaner base (narrow front end cruiser) from Australia. Includes dust collector but no lid (fits all standard J7x metal lids). I wanted to use on a 2007+ wide front end model but mods to box are too numerous. Light scale on engine side and bottom. $100 plus ride, in...
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    For Sale  factory 1hdt ct26 turbos in AZ

    I have two turbos for sale. #1, rebuilt in 2007 but about 60,000 miles since service. I have a little video of it running on engine (march 2015) before I pulled it but not of it spooling up. $300 plus ride #2, from John at Radd's personal engine. I have not run nor started this unit. $250 plus...
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    12 month price guide to commercial driveline retube

    Common question asked for conversions. Back in the day prices are irrelevant. Please state location, cost per shaft, and if you did the u joints I will start the ball 10/2014, rear driveshaft, Simmons driveline in Tucson, AZ $160 , no u joints-5 hour turnaround
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    fs: 220v Lincoln Power Mig tucson

    Lincoln 200 power mig: A good solid full size mig with both a 3 year old 200 amp gun (.030 liner) and a one year old 100 amp (with .023 liner and .030 liner). Takes small and full size rolls and has both .023 and .030/.035 drive rolls but will accept .045 rolls. Gas regulator included no tank. I...
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    For Sale  24v 3b/13bt starter light use in tucson

    I got this as new old stock in 2004 and used for a year in the desert before I switched out to a 6 cylinder engine so maybe 10,000 miles of use in a dry environ. $150 plus ride
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    For Sale  weber and trollhole carb--cores

    both sold
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    For Sale  misc 70 series parts

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