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  1. goneloco

    Builds Cummins R2.8 in 2nd gen 4Runner

    Love your build. Any updates?
  2. goneloco

    Builds building a landcruiser for overland expedition

    Wrap it! Cool globe trotting wrap. When or if it looks bad you can peel it and put another cool wrap on. No idea where Morocco is at with wrapping vehicles but lots of people are doing it here... Planning on wrapping my 80 series this summer to try to protect the body. Super jealous of you...
  3. goneloco

    Builds Cummins R2.8 in 2nd gen 4Runner

    I was so close to pulling the cord for the 2.8 but my tax bill was too high... I watch all your vid's. I really likes how you broke it down by system. I will get this engine in the future. It will be amazing in the 4 door 40 series I have been dreaming of building for way too long... What...
  4. goneloco

    Builds Cummins R2.8 in 2nd gen 4Runner

    Awesome! That engine is perfect for the 4Runner! Can't wait for your build.
  5. goneloco

    Cummins R2.8

    Does anyone know if their making a 24 volt version? My BJ42 is 24 volt and not sure how much of a pain it would be to convert?
  6. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    Yah hide-a-way keys sucks but in the bush when your kid locks the truck with your key inside it.. It really sucks too.
  7. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    Some more photo's of my truck before being taken
  8. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    The truck will go into Proactive for a full checkup this week and I'll get a kill switch added in. Then I'll do what I told myself a long time ago to do and add the GPS tracker to the truck. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there a service like Onstar for after market cars? My...
  9. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all your comments. A farmer saw it in his field and scared the guys off before they could do any real damage. No body or drive train damage. On the truck itself I only see that they ripped off the antenna, broke my glove compartment and wrecked the HVAC system...
  10. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    Note there is no roof top tent on the truck right now.
  11. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    hi guys My 1997 white Lexus lx-450 was stolen this morning from the sw of Calgary. If your a cruiser guy in Calgary you would know my truck. It's white with cruisen off-road sliders and flat roof rack. A custom cruisen offroad rear bumper with full length single swingout tire carrier with 35"...
  12. goneloco

    American Overland Expedition AOE4x4

    They are amazing bumpers. I was in the group buy and there might of been issues but I don't remember anymore. The bumper is stout, looks great and has a ton of clearance. Worth waiting for.
  13. goneloco

    Caroline Wheeling Jan. 3 2015

    Wow looks like a great day outing. I wanted to come but was tied up with family. Next time. Great photo's
  14. goneloco

    MUDShip  Calgary to Chilliwack

    Looking for someone to pull my M101 from cow town to Chilliwack. I need it dropped just off the hiway at Cruis'n Off-road which is just off hyw 1. Let me know if your heading that way. Thanks Cary
  15. goneloco

    craigslist Idaho COOL TRAILER

    Just missed out on the trailer. Man that would of been an amazing expo trailer for $1200 buck
  16. goneloco

    Canol Road Expedition

    I have wanted to do this drive for a decade. I have built my LX450 for a road like this. Time wise a month expedition is like a year for me at this point in my life (small business owner). But hey I am will to say I would do my best to make a trip like this happen. The Machine - 1997 Lexus...
  17. goneloco

    2014 Conqueror Commander Off-Road Caravan

    Could you add the cost of delivered to the west coast (Vancouver) of Canada? Cheers
  18. goneloco

    Time to check your knuckle studs! Happy ending.

    So if you use loctite does that ensure the studs and nuts will not work there way out? Has anyone had the studs and nuts loosen up after they used loctite? I am heading over to the shop and would like this answer to throw at them. They said they used loctite when they rebuilt the knuckles but...
  19. goneloco

    Time to check your knuckle studs! Happy ending.

    Well I should of read this earlier. I had a shop regear and rebuild the front axle/knuckle this spring. There was a hollowing sound and I went back to them multiple times about the sound. I said I thought it was the preset on the hubs but they kept saying it wasn't. So I kept driving it...
  20. goneloco

    Seeking your thoughts on new drawer system

    How much time does it take to pull out once installed? What is the minimum you have to disassemble to get it out? You must be getting close to having pricing for this specific setup. Can you give us a ball park within $500 buck? Don't include shipping as it is different for everyone. Thanks,
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