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  1. prerunner84

    Wanted  Fj80 Driver side mirror just the glass

    Looking for fj80 drivers side mirror glass attached to the backing FL panhandle
  2. prerunner84

    Wanted  AUX TANK SWITCH round style

    Desperate need of the early round style sub tank switch for the FJ80 FL panhandle
  3. prerunner84

    Wanted  SUB TANK SWITCH- round style

    I’m in desperate need of the round style sub tank switch. money in hand. Florida panhandle
  4. prerunner84

    Wanted  1993 fj80 grey dash panel in good condition FL

    Looking for lower dash panel grey in good condition. FL panhandle
  5. prerunner84

    Aux lights wired in high beams

    Has anyone found the wire that’s in the cab that you can use for the high beams?
  6. prerunner84

    Wanted  WTB TRD lug nuts 14mm FL panhandle

    Looking for the TRD lug nuts that came with the TRD wheels 14mm thanks
  7. prerunner84

    Wanted  WTB fj80 1993 White Drivers Mirror in Good shape

    93-97 mirror located in the FL pandhandle thanks
  8. prerunner84

    Wanted  100 series fender flares grey

    Looking for grey fender flares that came on southern states 100 series
  9. prerunner84

    Wanted  Tan Blank above the 100 series cup holder. Baker fl ,32531

    1999 land cruiser 100 series ,I’m looking for the blank piece that goes in back of the center console above the cup holder usually found on the 1999. Thanks
  10. prerunner84

    Seat gear repair kit

    Does anyone one know if the seat gear repair kit is still available? I thought there was a guy offering them at one time.
  11. prerunner84

    Wanted  Florida Panhandle 1993 land cruiser grey dash good condition

    I’m looking 1993 fj80 dash in good condition no cracks thanks
  12. prerunner84

    Wanted  TRD forged 22 center caps

    I’m looking for 2 center caps for the TRD forged 22s if anyone can point me in the direction would be greatly appreciated.
  13. prerunner84

    Wanted  Fj80 fog light switch

    Looking for the large style switch
  14. prerunner84

    Wanted  Oem 22” wheels

    I’m looking for oem 22” wheels. seeing what’s out there for a decent price. Thanks
  15. prerunner84

    Wanted  Fj80 grey dash

    Looking for a fj80 grey dash in good/great condition. Thanks
  16. prerunner84

    Wanted  100 series rear quarter panel molding

    I need a rear quarter panel molding for 100 series grey if possible. thanks
  17. prerunner84

    steering wheel buttons on a 2006 tundra

    has anyone added the right side steering wheel radio controls? i have the part number but trying to gather more info before i pull the trigger. backlight color and trim color that best matches mine? light charcoal
  18. prerunner84

    Wanted  Right hand side cargo panel(grey)

    For fj80 looking for a right hand side cargo panel the one with the sub grill (grey)
  19. prerunner84

    Airbag light on

    I pulled my carpet out of my 100 and cleaned it this weekend. I put everything back together and now I’m getting a flashing airbag light. I checked seat connections can’t think what I could of missed can anyone shed some light? it would be much appreciated
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