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  1. CRZR45

    For Sale  1986 BJ73 Left Hand Drive! turbo/H55 California Title and Plates

    I am seeing if there is any interest in my Left Hand Drive 1986 BJ73 with ca title as diesel(can put any motor you want in anytime no smog BS ). I might have an opportunity to get a vehicle I have my eye on so seeing if anyone might be interested. 1986 BJ73 from Spain imported and registered in...
  2. CRZR45

    For Sale  Ome shocks 80 series

    2 N73 $40. 2 N74E $40. 2 60009 $75 Located Pismo Beach ,ca Shipping on your dime , prefer local pickup.
  3. CRZR45

    Speedometer correction solution option

    I have had my 80 speedo of by 10mph forever.(12+ years). 55 on my speedometer was 65by gps. Found a great solution locally and want to pass along this great option. It is plug and play and in under 5 min I had my speedometer spot on. He has a couple more beta models available before final...
  4. CRZR45

    Seat measurements needed

    Wondering if anyone with a fj60 can measure the seat bottom. I have a 1986 BJ73 and need to reupholster my driver seat and wondering if fj60 seat upholstery kit will work? And are there any reasonably priced foam bottom options you have found? It’s roughly 21” wide and 19” long. Thanks in advance
  5. CRZR45

    Wanted  BJ73/74 Radio mount info needed

    I am looking for a part number or source of a 1986 BJ73 radio bracket that mounts radio to dash bracket. Mine is “speed taped” to the cubby slot above it. I want to mount it on the factory bracket.. anyone have a used one?
  6. CRZR45

    For Sale  Red FJ40 grill/Bib

    Mid 70’s grill. Appears to be orig Freeborn Red paint. Only missing bezel. No rust . Great for a patina build if yours is rusty. I was going to make it lighted wall art but figured I would offer it up before it gets hung on my garage wall. $400 OBO local pick up Central Coast CA . Prefer not...
  7. CRZR45

    For Sale  Square Bezel 40/45 fiberglass bib

    I have a late model 40/45 square bezel bib (won’t rust😬) $50 or make wall art in your shop with it. Local pickup Pismo Beach
  8. CRZR45

    For Sale  Troopy Hard Top slider windows

    I have 4 side slider windows with the gaskets I removed from my 1984 HJ47 Troopy hardtop. Want them out of my shed.. figure someone might be looking for some? Local Pick Up. I Head to San Jose from Pismo quite often and can deliver between there possibly.$100 OBO Located in Pismo Beach,CA
  9. CRZR45

    45lv in a Stranger Things scene

    Was Watching Stranger Thunder with my kids and saw they had a nice 45Lv .
  10. CRZR45

    For Sale  1986 BJ73 stock air cleaner and tubing and wiper arms LHD

    Take offs from my 1986 BJ73. Stock air cleaner and associated intake tubing(rubber and plastic ones) and stock non folding LHD wiper arms. Arms $25 plus shipping OBO Air cleaner and all parts as a package $200 obo. Cleaning out the garage and would trade for a good speedometer and cluster for a...
  11. CRZR45

    BJ73 Steering wheel removal question

    Call me crazy but I recall taking it off when I put the lift in to re center it but can’t remember how I got the horn portion off so I can access the nut.? On my 80 there is a phillips from the back side. Only rivets on this one. Anyone taken this style wheel off that can tell me how to access...
  12. CRZR45

    For Sale  Greasable shackels

    I have a full set for front and back of extended greasable shackels. These are the larger bolt ones for later model 40,60 series , 70 series etc. I believe they are the 18mm bolts? I took pics with tape measure. One pair is 6” eye to eye and second set are 5” eye to eye. They came off my 1986...
  13. CRZR45

    Wanted  Per 1975 FJ40

    Putting it out there... Looking for a FJ40 for my friend. Looking for 350,auto,back seat for kids,33-35's hard or soft top, clean and no diamond plate or lipstick on pigs.... budget 15-18K but could go a little more for right one needing nothing.Prefer Ca location so we can look at it in person...
  14. CRZR45

    For Sale  4 Platinum Sequoia Rims/Tires $100

    4 Platinum Sequoia (2010) rims and tires with lug nuts cheap!! 2 rims have some scratches. Other 2 are pretty much scratch free. I twent to Rock Warriors so these need to go. $150 Located Pismo Beach,ca and pick up only.
  15. CRZR45

    For Sale  80 series GOBI Rear ladder

    I posted in parts section but this is more of an appropriate place. $150 obo 80 Series GOBI rear ladder For Sale - GOBI 80 Series Driver side ladder
  16. CRZR45

    For Sale  GOBI 80 Series Driver side ladder

    I have a 80 series ladder for sale. It’s for the driver side. $220 new. In great shape. Couple minor scratches. $150 OBO
  17. CRZR45

    For Sale  1983 HJ47 Troopy top side slider Windows

    I have 4 1983 HJ47 troopy side slider windows with gaskets (used). they are in my parts stash which I am cleaning out. As for price since I have to put one.. $200 OBO can get pics this weekend once I dig them out.
  18. CRZR45

    For Sale  Aqualu Aluminum wide Front Fenders

    Pair of wide aluminum Front Frnders for FJ40. Aprons not included. Going to go Stock Fenders since I will be running tall skinny tires. New 1100 plus tax and shipping. Asking $800 or make reaoffer. No shipping. Located in Pismo Beach , CA
  19. CRZR45

    Aluminum Fj40 this will be a long build thread

    Surfing Craigslist always ends up with me wanting or acquiring Landcruiser projects... well my plate is Full but could not pass this project up. It is a 1972 FJ40 BTB Abandoned project. Supercharged 350 Chevrolet with Accel EFI KIT, B&M 700 r4 and 3-1 kit in t case. Lockers in axles, Warn FF...
  20. CRZR45

    Wanted  FJ40 Brake pedal assembly and parts

    Looking for a complete pedal assembly for a FJ40(firewall bracket and pedal to mount in my Aqualu tub). Also brake line T's and associated parts for a 1972 vintage FJ40(all but the hard or soft lines)
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