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  1. rondog

    vortec for sale!

    Hey Arizona boys, I have an 03' 5.3l vortec for sale! It had 25,673 mi. on it when it was sold to me.Barely broken in! This is one of the cleanest engines you will find too.I am selling it for $3500.00 complete with trans., harness, and PCM.Hurry it won't last.
  2. rondog

    new guage cluster idea

    I had purchased the guages that I want to run in my fj60 probably about 6 mo. ago, and have'nt really had the time to mess with much on the whole project since then. I finally have been getting back into it little by little, and here is the cluster I came up with.It fits nicely in the stock...
  3. rondog

    New bumper and sliders for Siketi

    I just got delivery of one of THE cleanest fj60's I have ever seen!:eek: Siketi came to me from Texas, owner Mike Haley has sent me this beauty to throw my touch on it in the form of a new rear bumper and some new sliders. In the past I really have'nt had the chance to do a build thread, cause I...
  4. rondog

    Winch For Sale

    Winch Has Been Sold !!
  5. rondog

    gotta go !!

    Brand new set of five 37x13.5x17" TOYO MTs and five brand new Pro Comp 8179 black wheels for sale!!:crybaby: my project has taken a turn for the worst , so I have to start selling what is'nt needed right now.:mad: I will not seperate the combo, and please don't ask me to, as I am already...
  6. rondog

    4l60E vs. 4l65E

    Anyone out there heard of or used a 4l65E? I have a friend who works in the shop behind mine and he bought an 05' hummer that was a fire damage total.Alot of the drive train was still good including the transmission.We gave the numbers to GM and they said it was a 4l65E and I assume that it may...
  7. rondog

    new front bumper idea

    Here is a little modification to the front bumper I have been messing around with. What do you think?
  8. rondog

    re-configure suspension

    I have thought about it and I think that a 3 link/panhard set-up in the front would be more street worthy than the wish -bone one I have mocked up. I have heard that I will get to much bump steer with this set-up? Any one have some input? Maybe I should go with a 4 link since I have the joints...
  9. rondog

    new upgraded bumper parts -fj60/62's

    Hey third coast, Here are a couple of pics of that spindle assembly and the collar I had machined for it.The shaft alone is solid 1 1/2" thick!! the machined collar is .265 wall DOM, and the brackets are 1/4" P&O plate! this assembly will hold the truck up with a hi-lift . BEEEEFFFYY!!!;)...
  10. rondog

    bumper pics - again !!

    For Dirtygypsy - here are those pics again !!
  11. rondog

    fj60 stuff for sale

    upper and lower factory steering rods w/stock steering arms straight no rust AZ truck - $100.00 85' 2f engine complete w/all accessories (a/c comp.- new alt.- new starter- new water pump- radiator- everything on a running engine!- bellhousing included - $1000.00 factory rear chrome bumper...
  12. rondog

    high clearance 60/62 sliders w/grip

    finished trimming and fitting new sliders!
  13. rondog

    fj60/62 rear bumper

    here is a design I came up with for 60/62 fans - must crop rear quarters to fit this one - can make to fit stock as well !!
  14. rondog

    rear bumper w/tire /hi-lift carrier

    making improvements!!!
  15. rondog

    road to rocks 60

    this is my 85' fj60 on fj80 coils w/ a 5.3l ,custom bumpers,sliders(not pictured) 4-linked front/rear atlas 4 to 1, 4l80e soon to come fj80 factory locked axles, int. cage, and paint !! can't wait to drive this beast .
  16. rondog

    bigdog fj60

    this is my 85' fj60 on fj80 coils, custom buckets, 5.3l, bumpers, 80 axles, atlas 2, 37" toyo's - soon to be painted and thrashed!!
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