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    Right Center AC Vent / Register - NLA Part?

    I am looking to repair / replace a couple of broken vent louvers on the right center air register (next to navigation) in my 2006 LC. The part appears to be either 55670-60170 for the larger piece, including the facia, or 655642-0140 for just the vent box / register. I would like to just...
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    1970 FJ40 engine bay wire - What is this and to what should this wire be connected?

    Doing some wire cleanup under the dash and found an unconnected wire that runs to what looks like a sensor on the top of the block in the rear. It runs through the firewall to the under-dash. What does this do and what should it be connected to? Should this be grounded, connected to the fuse...
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    Wanted  WTB ARB Deluxe Front Bumper for 100 Series

    Looking for used ARB Deluxe front bumper to fit 2006 LC. Looks like ARB part number 3413190. Feel free to PM me or respond to the thread.
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    Newbee Looking for Advice on '06 LC

    This is my first post to the forum and I wanted to see if anyone could give me some feedback on an '06 LC I purchased earlier this week. The truck came with the Gulf States Extra Mile Package (gray fenders, gray two tone, and gray side panels on Alpine White body). My plan is to make some...
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