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    Another FJ40 to FJ45ish Thread

    I have been working on a heavily modified FJ 40 to FJ 45 type of build for a while. Over the next little while I plan to post some pics for reference. Happy to answer any questions. Here is the starting point which was a 69 FJ40 basket case. One of two I bought.
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    Wanted  Wanted - FJ45 SWB Bed

    Before I order a 63-64 bed from Aqualu I thought i would see if anyone has an original bed available for sale. I am not building a stock truck so, while the age range is important, originality is not. I am happy to do some reasonable rust repair should the bed be priced accordingly. I am...
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    FJ45 SWB rear cross member length

    Does anyone have the length of the rear cross member on a SWB FJ45? I can’t find it on the drawings and there doesn’t seem to be one around to measure. I used to have this info but the wife cleaned that desk and the notes went with it. Thanks! Any help appreciated.
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    Wanted  12V Starter and/or alternator for 3B

    I am looking for a 12V starter and/or alternator for a 3B engine. Mostly looking for a starter as it is easy to convert the alternator. Happy to buy both though. I would be interested in a working version of each or just rebuildable for the right price. Thanks.
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    Wanted  BJ40 or BJ60 Power Steering Lines Wanted

    I am looking for BJ40 power steering lines. I need the pressure side but am happy to buy the return side as well. I can make BJ60 lines work as well. For what its worth, this is for a 3B to FJ60 power steering conversion vehicle but of course the pump is on the passenger side and the box is...
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    FJ40 Steering Wheel to Dashboard Distance

    I am in the process of installing power steering and unfortunately I pulled the old steering box and column and bracket to the frame and now I can't figure out how far the steering wheel needs to be from the dash. I should have measured it before but totally forgot. The cruiser is a 69 and I am...
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    Wanted  Wanted - B3 Power Steering Pump and Brackets

    I have an 83 B3 but need the power steering setup including the brackets, extra pulleys, etc. Happy to pay fair value. I would consider buying a whole engine but would prefer just the power steering parts. Thanks. Located in Montana if that matters. Happy to pay shipping.
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    3B Motor Mount Location and mounting

    I am building a stretched FJ40 and putting a 3B in where an old 2F used to go. I just received my motor mounts from Awl Teq and have a question about where they go on the frame and how to mount them. The mounts are a work of art so very happy with them. I don't know where they go on the...
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