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  1. gilmorneau

    Wanted  Colorado: Front bumper for 1994 80-series

    Like the title says. Looking for a front bumper for an 80-series. Prefer to pickup in person somewhere in the Colorado front range area.
  2. gilmorneau

    For Sale  More 70-series Parts

    Found some more stuff that I don't need but maybe someone does. This is the bit that attaches an OEM Toyota snorkel to the air filter housing. Part no. 52831-90K00 $SOLD 2x Fender badges. One NOS, one clean used one. $25/pr 2x Used OEM Toyota wrenches from original tool kit for 70-series...
  3. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Budapest 66k miles TRUE Poverty Pack HZJ80--looks clean!

    Not mine, no affiliation, but I can put you in touch with people who can get this for you if you're serious about it. 1996 HZJ80 (so if you're in the US you'd need to buy and store in Europe until next year--no biggie). Totally bare-bones model: white paint, no flares, steel rims, swing out...
  4. gilmorneau

    SOLD  France 1987 BJ75 Troop Carrier w/ only 75k miles!

    Not my car, no affiliation. I'm just bored and found it on Leboncoin. The ad reads: "TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ 75 1987 (rare model) 121,000 KM 4x4 in 24 volt OK technical inspection from February and blank 3.4 Diesel 90hp maintenance up to date drives very well. -PTO - complete roof rack...
  5. gilmorneau

    Wanted  Original Front Seat for 1987 BJ75

    Like the title says, I'm looking for an original front seat, or even just a seat bottom (as circled in the photo). Has to be original upholstery to match the photo below. Has to be in excellent condition--no stains, tears, holes or anything. I suspect that if I can find one at all, it will be...
  6. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France Nice low miles rust free BJ73

    As usual, no affiliation. Just a nice looking car in what appears to be good condition at a reasonable price. The ad is here: For the French challenged among you, the description reads (in part): "Toyota BJ 73 176,000 km original, excellent...
  7. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France--1985 Troopy for cheap

    Not mine, no affiliation. 1985 BJ75 Troop Carrier for only 5500Euro. Description hints at some body work requred (likely due to rust), but looks reasonably OK in the one photo provided. Relatively close to the port in Belgium, so inter-Europe transport costs wouldn't be terrible. It could...
  8. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France 1996 HDJ-80 "Poverty Pack" 1HD-FT, 5-speed, a/c, lockers

    Not mine, no affiliation other than that I looked at it. 1996 "Poverty Pack" HDJ80 with vinyl floors, vinyl seats, wind up windows (not electric), manual locks, swing out (i.e. ambulance) doors in the rear, OEM electric differential locks front and rear, H151 5-speed, 1HD-FT 24 valve turbo...
  9. gilmorneau

    What's 'top dollar' for a 60-series these days?

    Not a 'for sale' thread, per se, just an inquiry on behalf of an overseas friend. He has access to some 'like-new' 60-series from the Middle East and asked me what such trucks might be worth here in the USA. He's trying to gauge interest to help him decide if it's worth it to bring them over...
  10. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Denmark BJ75 Fire Truck, 28k km's!, Cable Lockers

    No affiliation, not mine, just an interesting truck. These were parked in fire stations all over Europe, and still show up once in a while, and here's another one...
  11. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Germany, 1995 Troopy, lockers, low km's, and the PIMPED-EST interior evah!

    Not mine, no affiliation. The ad is here: Only 155,000km's (under 100k miles), F + R locking differentials, petrol (gasoline) motor. 1995 model year, so it could be imported...
  12. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Iowa FJ60 on Bring A Trailer 59k orig miles. It's a beautiful thing.

    Not mine. No affiliation with the seller. But, damn!
  13. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Germany 1996 LHD MegaCruiser 82,000km

    I know, not a 70-series, but it does have (or I think it does) a B series motor, and there's no "MegaCruiser" section in the Classifieds. Not mine, no affiliation with the seller, and any USA buyer would need to wait at least a year before bringing it in, but pretty cool nonetheless, if...
  14. gilmorneau

    SOLD  Belgium 1994 LHD HZJ75 Pickup, 141k miles, Locking Diffs

    Not mine, and no affiliation with the seller, but I know a guy who lives very close to this one and could easily check it out for you and get it to the port for shipment if you want. PM if interested. Looks like it could use a little love--maybe some windshield frame rust(?), but reasonably...
  15. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Italy--Locked HZJ73 with A/C, only 140k miles Not mine

    Sh*t....I gotta stop perusing European "for sale" ads. I keep finding things of interest. The seller identifies this one as an "HDJ73", which is nonsense (there never was such a thing made by Toyota), but it pretty much has to be an HZJ73. Anyway, front and rear e-lockers, factory air...
  16. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Belgium--1994 Troopy with 1HZ & F+R lockers.

    Needs some lovin', and it's red, but relatively cheap at 9000 Euro and reasonably close to the port in Zeebrugge (i.e. easy to ship). 1994 model, so has the 1HZ diesel, and comes with front and rear locking differentials. Only 155k miles if the odometer can be believed. Use your imagination...
  17. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Europe--1985 BJ73 with only 27,000km original!

    Just found this one--no affiliation with the seller. If you ever wanted the cleanest mid-wheelbase 70-series available, this might be it.
  18. gilmorneau

    For Sale  70-Series Parts

    Spent a few hours cleaning my garage today (hoping to be able to get a car in there someday :rofl:). Sorry for the group photos, too many things to take individual pics of every part and post them here. Happy to send more details as requested. Most everything on the list is for 1985-1990...
  19. gilmorneau

    For Sale  1994 FJ75 Troopy on Ebay--Not Mine Petrol, not diesel. Claimed low miles original. Looks a little rough around the edges for such low mileage, but certainly not out of the question. Has a/c for all those guys who always ask...
  20. gilmorneau

    SOLD  Colorado 1988 BJ71 LHD 13B-T SOLD

    Here's my other BJ71. I was going to wait until I sold the first one to list this, but if you've been watching my ad here: then you'll know I've run into a little snag with that one...
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