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    Wanted  need fj60 rear axle shafts

    im in pa just broke a short side rear axle semi floater so need a new one and could use some spares i guess unless someone has a 14 bolt with some 4.88 gears. let me know what anyones got thanks all Bryon
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    bilstein shock question

    alright i looked at all the searches and still lost. did the soa on the 60 about two years ago and bought cheap skyjackers or ranchos cant remember but looking to upgrade just a little. looking at the 5100, 5125 and the 5150. Now the questions is the valving different for them i cant seem to...
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    tie rod end question

    i looked through the search but still scrtching my head here. Gone through three different marlin fj80 tie rod ends and am starting to wonder what is the next stronest thing and how may i get there cheaply. Is it the chevy one tons and how do i ream out the marlin arms and i guess reusing the...
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    need help with jt outfitter rear disk conversion

    posted in the 60 section but to no avail. Recieved the jt outfitters rear disk conversion and go to put it on and it doesnt have the six washer style spacer which i think i need to space the bracket. all i have is the 4 banana looking ones which i think are for the 40s. Anyone done the...
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    need real time help on jt outfitters rdb

    just got the package and go to put it on and it seems as though it is missing six spacers. I think that the banana looking spacers are for a 40 and it needs six almost washer looking spacers for the 60. And my package has none and it seems that the caliper is sitting too close. anyone have...
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    Wanted  need apassenger headlight door and turn

    as it says i need a passenger headlight surround doesnt need to be all nice and shiny just in one piece and a turn signal lense. let me know if there are any out there. Thanks Bryon
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    help with rear disk conversion

    finally got the funds approved from the wife and now i cant seem to find the post on who sells the brackets and what years monte carlo calipers and what disks to get. I thought that there was someone already selling the rotors machined but cant seem to find it. Oh yeah and is there a special...
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    mt carmel wheeling

    any one around the area wheel around the mount carmel area.. My brother and i have been going for about two years now with some friends. They are jeepers and just want to hook up with some other yota fans next time to show them how its done Bryon
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    need help with new springs

    as it says i am looking for a new type of spring pack for the front of my 60. soa running 39.5 iroks runing chevy leafs in rear and had the stock leafs from the rear in the front and now they are pretty s's. wondering on the shep if there are any other springs such as ford or whatever that...
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    Wanted  need some old springs and gas tank

    have an 1987 fj60 looking into the possibility of doing a new gas tank as mine has developed a leak and i cant seem to fix i would like local if possible i also need a set of rear springs, lift, stock whatever is available i need to fix my front end after a bad weekend of wheeling. Im located...
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    s-shaped spring pack

    well as it says i redesigned my front spring pack last weekend wheeling. I think it happened with a little too much speed a little down hill and brakes that i finally fixed maybe too good. best I can remember is we came a round a corner a little quick into camp and locked the brakes up...
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    need city maps for 60csx

    as it saysi need somecity maps for a garmin 60csx is there a cheap way to do it or is the only way to buy city navigator thanks Bryon
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    got it back from the alignment shop but.......

    ok after my bought with death wobble soa 39.5 iroks checked the entire front over found no play kept playing with toe and checking all nuts and bolts and everything that i did find loose i tightened and the wobble got worse. wellthe guy fromthe shop just called and set caster was set at 1 3/4...
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    need help with what i believe is a camber issue

    ok soa and have been having a bit of death wobble. running 39.5" bias iroks and havent had them balanced yet. went through the wheel bearings put new trunion bearings in when i did go soa(only a few months ago). did the backyard mechanic wheel alignment sent to 1/8" of toe in. what brings me...
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    For Sale  4 15x8 steelies in pa

    yep 4 steel wheels been used no serious damage just a few scratches could use a quick sanding and spray paint and they would be brand new. dont wanna ship so i am in shrewsbury pa they are 15x8 with 2.5 backspace thanks Bryon
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    For Sale  4 fj60 chrome rims in pa

    as the title says 4 fj60 chrome rims dont look showroom clean but look great for 20 years old. asking 100 or make an offer dont want to ship so i am in shrewsbury, pennsylvania. i cleaned one up in 5 minutes had a litle surface rust but a little steel wool and wheel polish did good thanks...
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    4runnner brake pad question

    ok all the 4runner fromt brake swap has been done for a while and after purchasing el cheapo pads i figured its time to upgrade to something that works a little better. That and with the 39.5" iroks my brakes need all the help they can get. so my question is what are the good, better, best pads...
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    garage clean out

    alright first up is a carb cooling fan out of an 1987 fj60 that worked when pulled lets say 20 plus shipping then we have a 1981-1987 2f manual a little dirt on the cover other than that great shape say 25 plus shipping and the tool kit out of the fj60 looks dirty might have been used once or...
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    another rear bumper thread well question

    ok i have the main part of the bumper for the rear done and now i had an idea of doing a fold down type stinger for a tire carrier. i mean instead of a swing out like normal i would like to get it to fold down thus making it easier to put a 39.5" tire on. The main question i have first for all...
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    brake proportioning valve question

    ok that little "thingy" that dangles under the brake master cylinder the p&b valve. I seem to understand it is a proportioning valve yet nothing is ever spoken of this creature. now for instance what happens say it fails as i believe mine has. I have had it apart it was all nasty and gunky...
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