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  1. Rock40

    For Sale  1HD-T Injection Pump, Complete minus fuel cut solenoid, $800

    I bought this with a bunch of other stuff when I purchased several Toyota diesel engines from the UK. It was "supposed" to be a spare for my 1HD-FT however the numbers show it's for a 1HD-T motor. Go figure. It's a good clean pump however the fuel cut solenoid needs to be replaced. Jon (...
  2. Rock40

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 "TLC Swapped", 2.8 Diesel, H55, Turbo, ARB Locker, Intercooler, $20,000

    This is a 1985 FJ60 Toyota Landcruiser into which TLC (now ICON) swapped an HS2.8 diesel motor and Toyota H55 5 speed transmission approximately 10 years ago. The truck runs and drives excellent and gets very good economy. Yes, it's intercooled and it has a Garrett variable vane turbo. It will...
  3. Rock40

    For Sale  1997 Toyota Landcruiser, needs engine work

    Located in Snohomish, WA about 1 hour north of Seattle. PRICE IS $2,500 1997 FZJ80 Toyota Landcruiser, 224k on the engine currently. The engine has a significant miss and runs roughly. I believe it has a valve issue (not a head gasket) since there is no water in the oil (or oil in the coolant)...
  4. Rock40

    “OEM” FJ40 1/2 Door Tutorial

    This is simply a “How To” on making a set of custom 1/2 doors using OEM door shells. If you simply can’t stomach the thought of cutting up straight doors, please read no further.... There are quite a few different 1/2 door designs out there, the good, bad and downright ugly. I feel this is the...
  5. Rock40

    68' M715, AKA "Smokey" (Can I post this Jeep on MUD?)

    Go ahead, flame me if you wish. After completing a very original frame off chassis restoration on a 66' FJ40 for a customer in California, it's time for a little something different. Yes, it's a Jeep. Let's be realistic though, the only "Jeep" part left is the frame and sheet metal...
  6. Rock40

    Help Identify this Bellhousing/Transmission/Transfer Case Combo

    Need a little help here.... Cast iron bellhousing, I suspect possibly for a 3B. Starter location is drivers side 21 spline input shaft 16 spline output shaft I’m pointing to 1st gear, 41 gear teeth
  7. Rock40

    Weber Carb Jetting/Tuning, Need some advice here

    I would really like some input/advice on Weber carb tuning. If your advice is to run a stock Aisin or Trollhole that's fine. I'm simply looking for input. OK, for starters, I have spent several hours searching the forum. I have read this: ***Weber Carb*** Adjustment Thread by @JohnnyC I've...
  8. Rock40

    For Sale  3 Speed Transfer Case, FULLY REBUILT, I WILL PAY $125 OF SHIPPING

    Completely rebuilt 3 speed transfer case for an early-74' FJ40/FJ45/FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser. All Japanese bearings and parts were used during the build. The case was media blasted and then repainted, this transfer case is ready to be bolted into your truck. All the hardware is JIS and zinc...
  9. Rock40

    69' USMC M416 Camp Trailer Build

    This is not a new build but I'm putting together a thread based on requests from other MUD members who'd like to see how this went together. Here's what I started with: 1969 USMC M416 trailer. Completely stock, very little rust, $1,200 on CL
  10. Rock40

    Old Man Emu Shackle Length Question for install, need some help

    OK, I'm beginning the OME install on a 66' FJ40. It would appear that the OME shackles have somewhat changed recently as they are no longer just triangular in shape for the "anti-inversion" feature. OME is great, but the directions as we all know completely stink. This 2.5" kit has two...
  11. Rock40

    Curious who made this "F" engine filtration part

    So, I recently found this aftermarket oiling setup on a CL 69' "F" motor. It's designed to run the common Fram PH8A screw on filter and it bolts directly to the "F" engine block were the regulator would normally go. I'm curious because the quality on this is VERY good. It's...
  12. Rock40

    Wanted  F135 Shortblock or Bare Block for Rebuild

    I'm currently in the middle of this build on a 66' FJ40: 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) It's been decided/determined that the original block is too badly corroded to have it machined and rebuilt. I have the crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, lifters, etc that I expect to...
  13. Rock40

    66' F135 Compression Test, ADVICE NEEDED

    All, I'm currently working on this: 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) Roughly 2oz of coolant came out when I drained the engine oil and the rear coolant passages are blocked up (no coolant draining from the drain cock) My next plan is to pull the head and inspect the head...
  14. Rock40

    3 Speed Transmission Input/Output Bearing Questions

    OK, so I'm working on this 66' here: 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) I'm now taking a total of 3 used three speed transmissions to make one decent one for this restoration. Bearing question though, I was installing the input bearing on the input shaft and I noticed that the...
  15. Rock40

    1HD-FT Glow Screen timer/max time for glow

    OK, I seem to recall that in a factory setup, Toyota had a 30 second timer that engaged the glow screen if the ambient temperature was 40 degrees or less. Of course, I can't find this information now. I have an FT which I'm setting up a manual glow screen control for. I'm using a Toyota...
  16. Rock40

    For Sale  Fully Rebuilt 3 Speed Transfer Cases, Japanese Parts, Media Blasted

    I will be rebuilding and selling 5-6 of these. I just don't need this many spares for my FJ40. This is how they start... Fully media blasted and then washed.... I'm used all Japanese rebuild kits with Japanese bearings and seals
  17. Rock40

    For Sale  37" BFG Mud Terrain Tires, Set of 5, 37"x12.5/17

    This is a set of 5 BFG Mud Terrain tires. I bought these brand new and they have 31,000 miles on them. They were always mounted on a set of Allied Rockathon beadlocks underneath my 69' FJ40. 2 tires are at 8/16" for tread depth, 2 are at 7/16" and 1 is between 5/16"-6/16" The sidewalls and...
  18. Rock40

    NEED HELP! 1HD-FT Turbo "tick", 2,500 miles from home

    Need some serious help/advice here. I'm currently up in the Denali Hwy in Alaska after driving up from Seattle. I believe the turbo has developed a very odd, irregular "tick" when hot. The BEB's were just done and the bottom end is quiet. It doesn't sound like valve noise, hopefully the video...
  19. Rock40

    For Sale  1993 HF2AV Transfer Case

    Just want this gone, $100. It'll need a different diff lock motor and the speedo gear/housing are missing. Complete otherwise and the internals are good.
  20. Rock40

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 Parts, Shifter, Corner Lights, Trans Oil Cooler, Ignitor, Fuel Pump w/New Fuel Sock

    These are some parts left over from a recent 1HD-FT swap in my 1996 FZJ80. I believe all the parts are OEM. List price + you pay actual shipping cost via FedEx or USPS, whichever will likely be cheaper. I'm in Snohomish, WA. Ross @ 360/305-6861 Front corner lights and turn signal lights: $50...
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