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    Preventing damage to rear heater

    Quick couple the lines and remove it until winter? Mine was always stepped on with kids going into the back so I may build a guard or just pull it and put in quick couplers, glad you brought this up. When it’s removed you can connect the lines so coolant just loops. Just a thought.
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    74 fj40 b pillar confusion

    Maybe I can help... on my ‘74 at seam above rocker radius 60-1/4”. Top is tad under 60”. Hard top is on but FWIW I am at the step just before cutting away rust and panel patches so not sure it’s reliable info. Plus my doors never sealed well on top so top of pillar could come in
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    For Sale fj40/fj62 misc parts, v8 swap, 2fe, 3fe

    Let me if you’ll sell shroud separate from radiator, I’m in Wisconsin 54937.
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    For Sale fj40/fj62 misc parts, v8 swap, 2fe, 3fe

    Fan shroud above, will it fit a 2F? If so price? Looks like not a 2F shroud but checking anyway.
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    For Sale FJ40 Parts Shed Sale, Aussie Locker, Lincoln Locker, fj60 front disk kit (NM)

    Do you have the FJ60 front disc brake axle yet? Looking to convert my 74FJ40 to disc brakes in front.
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    Builds 1974 FJ40 Restoration Build Thread

    X2 since it could only be bottomed out on the cylinder itself, which once it moves it would leak instantly. If you can chase the threads you could shorten it to work. Any idea what it’s bottoming on?
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    Wisconsin Introductions

    I haven’t wheeled around here ever. Just brought the 40 back down from our cabin where it’s been sitting barely used for 15 yrs. time to get after it again since rust wants to reclaim portions I “repaired” on the cheap initially. Wouldn’t know where to start finding trails around here go...
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    Wisconsin Introductions

    1st Name: Scott Town/City: Fond du Lac Rig(s) you wheel complete with mods if any: ‘74 FJ40, 4” lift, 35’s, flat fenders... too much diamond plate. Past rigs you built up or have sold if any: same ‘74 FJ40, modified in 2002, still have it... time for rebuild again. Any special talents? ...
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    Wow. :eek: Fondy has drained down some but the creeks are definietly full. Last night was nuts. Never have I seen rain like that anywhere! I thought I was going to have to launch a boat this morning. I was about 6" of water height shy of having water geysering into my house and with no sump...
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    Too much at once

    Try applying accelrator slowly until it stumbles and note the symptoms. My 74' and Holley carb combo did the same and used to stumble because it was running WAY too rich when I stomped the accelerator down. If I applied it gradually instead of stomping it, I could get to full rpm's. Never...
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    How to improve gas mileage?

    Lower your frontal surface area. Top off, windhsield down only driving. Takeothers with to pay for the fuel!
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    Looking for a mechanic. Madison/Milwaukee

    I know of a place outside Oregon (S. of Madison) that knows toyotas fairly well. I'll check for the name again as it escapes me. Dupy's servie center. Greg is his name.
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    Jefferson Swap Meet

    ok, fair enough, I wasn't buying tools or parts, just looking for whole vehicles for sale.
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    Jefferson Swap Meet

    The swap was a mud pit. Not much to see down there. And with the internet and price of fuel, I would expect to see gatherings such as this go by the wayside in the next 5-10 years.
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    1969 Z28 For Sale

    CAR IS SOLD. :):frown: I left a couple pictures on there for memories.;p
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    Jefferson Swap Meet

    Hey, the show is here again this coming weekend. I'll be there in my blue/black Camaro that's posted on here as well. Stop by if you get a chance and say hello. I'm going to look for some better seats for my 40 besides other toyota goodies. I can keep an eye out for you for something...
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    snowstorm '08

    ok I walked into that one.
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    snowstorm '08

    So true. Back is a hurtin today tho.
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    snowstorm '08

    I guess I'll be hoping for 6" of snow instead of the latter.
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    snowstorm '08

    Must have gotten another foot in Fondy. No place to go with snow now. I hope this Sunday isn't a repeat of yesterday.
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