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    SOLD SC : 1996 : FZJ80 : Locked : 223k

    Is this still for sale?
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    For Sale Dallas, 1983 FJ60

    did this sell? And per board rules you need to list a price
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    For Sale Morrison, CO Unmolested 1988 Land Cruiser FJ62

    Is this still for sale?
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    For Sale 1988 FJ62 - 130K Miles

    should have an LS swapped in too
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    SOLD 1985 FJ60 no rust daily driver in Wisconsin

    please share what that indicates, what it looks when it has not?
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    For Sale SOLD: 1985 FJ60 109k Original Miles - Portland, Oregon - $23.5K OBO

    shampoo is maintenance. If you asking over 20K, better be v-8 or better be close to restored. Feel free to spend your $
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    craigslist 1985 Toyota FJ60 TLC V8 5-spd (Dallas, TX)

    what stage TLC restored was done?
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    For Sale 1987 FJ60 in Leesburg Virginia

    you need gutter and c-channel close up pictures
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    craigslist 86 FJ60 VA

    8500 for cancer?
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    For Sale FOR SALE - 1984 FJ60 - highly modified

    obviously you swapped blew long after you regeared
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    For Sale {SOLD} North Carolina 1994 Locked 80

    bump because you have the elephant hide cloth and lockers
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    For Sale SOLD: 1985 FJ60 109k Original Miles - Portland, Oregon - $23.5K OBO

    your asking 23K and it does not have a v-8 swap done? Maintenance is part of owning a car.
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    SOLD Cody, WY 1985 FJ60 V8 w/ 5 speed

    IS this still for sale?
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    SOLD [SOLD] 1997 Collector's Edition - AZ, locked

    where is the LS swap?
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    Wanted  Stock - white 62 zero rust

    won't consider anything over 14K. ain't worth it even at 14.
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    For Sale 94 FZJ80 Triple locked

    Did you finally sell it?
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    For Sale OREGON 86 fj60 150,000ish $5,000

    Is this rig still for sale? If so, here are the typical questions. Is the paint original? Is there any rust? If so, please explain and provide pictures. Has it been hit or been in an accident? How many miles? Please tell us what you know about this rig if you want to interest any potential...
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