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    Second Euro Mirrors. Thanks @CityRacer
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    Toyota 3B lack of power at high speeds

    Try Diesel thread. Lot of gurus there. Hope it will help u
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    Hello! new 60 owner here!

    Official Mud Welome! :flipoff2: Very nice Rig! That s a good color.
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    Builds The Gray Ghost - My slow build

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    craigslist FJ55 - Craigslist in Norman OK

    Not a bad looking pig. Curious to the duct tape on the firewall, and the bed liner. If all is good that's a reall good deal and 55 to complete.
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    Bug deflector

    looks like its NOS
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    Bug deflector

    Nice slip ons....that s cool..even cooler a pic of it installed.
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    FJ60 Radiator Replacement vs new (Austin)

    This CSF will allow you to run optional power steering cooler for FJ60.. it can be used for either 60 or 62.
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    Best ride quality lift kit for 60/62?

    Tires will affect quality of ride....:steer:
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    FJ60 Radiator Replacement vs new (Austin)

    Smart move. I had old Toyota radiator in m in my 60. Had it re soldered. Lasted 18 months. That cost almost half the price of new one. Should have bought new one. Lesson learned. While you are in there consider changing out water pump and fan clutch and hoses, with clamps. Especially if...
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    Parting Out Dickson city,Pa 1987 fj60 part out

    How much for the turn signal/headlight switch assembly on steering column? Pics?
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    Underneath drivability "fixes"??

    I agree with the driveline improvements and replacing the front end bushings. All that solved my issues on front end. I could feel different ride quality after 2.5 OME lift in the rear of the 60. So, after roaming all the suspension overhauls..whether is OME, Dobinsons, or SOR grocery...
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    85 unleaded.....

    Here in Texas, when you head west, other side of Abilene, or northwest to the Panhandle I have seen 86 octane. Never tried and may try it for 5 bucks savings. If you liked it that's a winner I do know that it's easier to find ethanol free gas out that way. And my 60 runs better in that stuff...
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    City Racee has OEM type replacement ag half the Toyota price. He only sells quality IMHO. Saginaw is fine, but it's not stock in appearance How long did that OEM part last..? I know I'm starting a debate...
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    85 unleaded.....

    Most mountainous area either have 85 or 86. Premium is usually 90 or 91. I guess its proportional to the amount of oxygen available. Higher elevations is less O2 so reduced horsepower. Less need for the higher octane numbers, within reason.
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    If fluid level is not low...and power steering is working fine. I would watch it. It's not hard to change out the power steering pump if your are desmogged, but its little tight with all the pollution crap. My leak was the actual round gasket on the power steering pump reservoir. Changed...
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    craigslist 60-Series ARB Rear Bumper; Kyle, TX.

    Nice find n awesome to post!
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