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  1. katwalk

    Wanted  Family Style Bikini Top

    Planning to order one, but thought I would check here first to see if anybody had one. Thanks - Farrell
  2. katwalk


    Looking for one of these if anyone has one laying around.
  3. katwalk

    Wanted  Idle Solenoid for a '71 FJ40

    It appears that you can get idle solenoids for later 40s but I cant find one for the earlier trucks. Need one for my '71. Thanks- Farrell
  4. katwalk

    Wanted  Exhaust Manifold ( or maybe headers) for a '71

    I have my intake and exhaust manifolds off and one of the ears to attach the exhaust pipe has broken off. Let me know what you have. Thanks - Farrell
  5. katwalk

    Wanted  Manual Locking Hubs for a '71

    The Warn hubs on my truck are pretty beat up so looking for another set. Please let me know what you have and what shipping to 30064 would be. Thanks - Farrell
  6. katwalk

    How Tight Should Accelerator Pump Plunger be in the Bore?

    I am trying to diagnose a no start issue and noticed that no fuel appeared to be coming out of the nozzle when the plunger is pushed down. I proceeded to remove the top of the carb and I noticed the plunger seems very lose in the bore. There is a lot of play at the top of the bore and the fit...
  7. katwalk

    GSMTR - Complete Newby to Wheeling, but Planning to Attend

    Anyone else form Atlanta area going? Any pointers for a first-timer? - Farrell
  8. katwalk

    Wanted  Door Stops/Limiters for a '71 FJ40

    Let me know what you may have. These are specifically the early model versions. Thanks
  9. katwalk

    Amount of Throttle Pedal Travel for WOT?

    For an early 70s 40 with a stock carb, how far should the gas pedal travel to get wide open throttle? I am getting about 2 1/4 inches which seems low to me. Thoughts? Thanks - Farrell
  10. katwalk

    SOLD  GA - Ion 15x8 wheels

    4 Ion wheels 15x8 6lug on 5.5 pattern $300 obo
  11. katwalk

    FREE  GA - Front Seat Pieces from a '71 40

    I am tired of tripping over this stuff. Please come get it before I trash it.
  12. katwalk

    Wanted  GA - Family Bikini Top - Weathered is OK

    To match the rest of the truck, I am looking for a used family style bikini top before buying a new one.. Let me know what you may have and price. Thanks - Farrell
  13. katwalk

    Wanted  GA - Hazard Switch for a '71

    I need a good hazard switch for a '71 fj40. It is the one with 9 pins. Thanks - Farrell
  14. katwalk

    Wanted  GA - Early model latches to fasten seat frame to storage box.

    please let me know what you have. Thanks
  15. katwalk

    Wanted  Weathered 3 Speed Floor Shift Knob and Boot

    ....because brand new ones would stand out too much on my beater. Thanks
  16. katwalk

    SOLD  GA - 3 Speed Column Shifter Parts

    I converted my column shifter to a floor shifter so no longer need these parts. $100 OBO
  17. katwalk

    For Sale  GA - Early Long Jump Seat - Driver Side

    I have one jump seat that came with my truck that I will not be using. $100 OBO
  18. katwalk

    craigslist  GA - Custom Made Toyota 4x4 Wheels 16x7 - $350

    Not mine, but thought they were pretty cool.
  19. katwalk

    Anyone have a '71 FJ40 somewhat close to Marietta I can come look at?

    I need to take some measurements and pics of floor sections and other small stuff for reference as I Put mine back together Thanks - Farrell
  20. katwalk

    1971 FJ40 Front Center Floor Repair

    I have a lot of rust repair to do, but the worst is the section of the floor in front between the seats (see pic) and the trans tunnel cover. New repair panels are available for later tubs, but I am unable to find any for a '71. Are my choices to find this section on an original tub and cut it...
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