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  1. RoaringFork

    -HELP RECEIVED- Simple RTH requested Aurora, CO in need of a greasing -HELP RECEIVED-

    Seems easy enough... Kudos to @ccslider for posting on the rising sun clubhouse page as well... The short and long of it is... My family and I are in Denver from basalt, CO, about 3.5hrs away. One of our kiddos had to be admitted to the children’s hospital for ailments resulting in surgery...
  2. RoaringFork

    ‘06 Family hauler

    100 series mudders, I’m pleased to say I’ve joined the ranks by adding a new cruiser to the driveway. When my wife told me she was pregnant again, I was elated! Finally we can get another cruiser!! She currently has a diesel Audi Q5, which we both really enjoy(so much so it’ll be my new daily)...
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