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  1. Felix

    For Sale  VA: 2002 4Runner Limited - Mildly Built

    I bought the truck two years ago from Ken Romer. It was his daughter Rachel's truck, which he maintained for her. Here's his for sale thread - For Sale - SOLD - daughterofromers 2002 4Runner Limited Ken had a lot of preventative work done, and the previous owners did the same. I've got receipts...
  2. Felix

    Recommendations on Cordless Impact Driver

    Any advice on a powerful, cordless impact driver? It would be my only impact driver for a while, so I probably want to start with a 1/2 inch drive? Unless there’s a 3/8” strong enough? I want something I can get lug nuts off with, separate 80 series hubs from discs with, etc.
  3. Felix

    VA Emissions - Cat Serial Number?

    Question for the VA folks. I just get a failed emissions result. The emissions readings themselves were fine. I only failed because the tech said he could not see a visible serial number stamped or labeled on the outside of my catalytic converter. I have a single, aftermarket cat on my 80. This...
  4. Felix

    4Runner Rear Sway Bar Links

    My rear suspension clanks when I go over any bumps, especially at an angle. I narrowed down to worn bushings in the rear sway bar links. A closer look revealed that the links are actually being pushed at an angle. Almost as if the sway bar was pushing too far forward. I have a Sonoran...
  5. Felix

    Wanted  Driver Side Mirror - 80 Series

    I'm looking for a driver side mirror for an 80 series. I'd prefer white or gray, but I'll take whatever.
  6. Felix

    MUDShip  Axle Housing from Spartanburg to Logan's Run

    Anyone from the Spartanburg area that's going to Logan's Run and can carry an 80 axle housing and differential?
  7. Felix

    Part Pick-Up Needed from Spartanburg to Logan's Run

    Hi Upstate Cruiser folks, Is there anyone going to Logan's Run that would be willing and able to pick up a third member and front axle housing from a guy in Spartanburg and bring it with you? I live just outside D.C. and won't be at Logan's Run. But a friend of mine will be, and he's offered...
  8. Felix

    Part Pick-Up Needed from Spartanburg to Logan's Run

    Greetings ONSC folks! Is there anyone going to Logan's Run that would be willing and able to pick up a third member and front axle housing from a guy in Spartanburg and bring it with you? I live just outside D.C. and won't be at Logan's Run. But a friend of mine will be, and he's offered to...
  9. Felix

    Wanted  80 Series Front Third - Locked

    I'm looking for a front differential from a locked 80 series that I can just drop into my axle housing. I trashed my gears when my diff drain plug jumped ship in the highway, and I'm not ready to pull the trigger on a re-gear just yet. Hoping I can find a stock unit in decent shape. What you got?
  10. Felix

    Real Time Tech: Trouble Getting Axle Out of 80 Series

    Almost a year on, and I'm finally getting the chance to pull the diff and see what I broke on my way back from Fall Crawl last year. I need advice on getting the short side axle out. The birf comes out but gets wedged. I'm sure this is because I don't have the flat sides of the birf perfectly...
  11. Felix


    I know it's been a long while since I was really active in the Cruiser community (here or on the trail), but the last couple years, I've been even more scarce than usual. Lest y'all think that's because I've been focused on lesser pursuits, here's an exchange I had this morning: [We're on our...
  12. Felix

    Stuck outside Baltimore.

    Does anyone know where I could find a diff drain plug for an 80 on the west side of Baltimore. I pulled over when I heard a whine to find that mine is gone.
  13. Felix

    Silly Winch Ground to Battery Question

    Sometimes I have a question that is so painfully remedial that I'm almost embarrassed to ask. This is such a question. When I installed my winch, I used a marine battery that had auxiliary terminal posts on the front. My new battery does not. Any recommendations for connecting the ground...
  14. Felix

    Fall Crawl 2017 - Oct 13-14 - Rausch Creek

    The BBRC Fall Crawl is coming up next month, a little earlier than usual. - BBRC Fall Crawl 2017 I'm planning on going up Thursday afternoon. Who's in?
  15. Felix

    IFS Leak Diagnoses

    While crawling around under the new-to-me '02 4Runner, I noticed what looked like a grease emulsion (chocolate pudding) front passenger side. Being that I am utterly ignorant about IFS suspensions, I'm not exactly sure where to look to determine the source. Or even what terms to use when...
  16. Felix

    Monthly Club Meeting This Wednesday?

    Still on for this Wednesday? I think I might make this one!
  17. Felix

    For Sale  2007 MINI Cooper S Convertible

    Just in time for summer! Selling my wife's MINI. MUD Price = $5,000 Details here - 2007 MINI Cooper S Convertible 6-Speed
  18. Felix

    Sanity Check on an '02 4Runner

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking to be my daily driver and to take baby to daycare 1-2 times a week. Based on the pics, where it's lived and who's doing the selling, this one looks like a good choice. Any reason I should stay clear? For Sale - daughterofromers 2002 4Runner Limited
  19. Felix

    Real Time Advice - Broke 80 in Arlington

    Drove the 80 for the first time in a while on the way to a doctors appointment. Almost there when I get a grinding noise from the rear end. Only when I press the accelerator (even a tap) but no noise when coasting, in gear or neutral. I left it in a parking lot and walked the rest of the way...
  20. Felix

    Locked '94 FZJ80 for Sale - Trailer Needed

    Not mine! I'm helping a good friend of mine sell his Land Cruiser. Yep, it's the same one I've been asking question about for the last couple months, so I'd be lying if I said it wasn't somewhat basket-case-y. My friend Pat has owned this truck for about 5-6 years. He's a dog walker, so it...
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