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    A little help on bolt purposes - two different locations...

    The seatbelts go to the top hole if you didn't get the rollbar. The bottom bolt is a clamp bolt that holds the hardtop post in the door pillar. Nick
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    Builds FJ45SWB recovered from a barn

    What wheels and tires are you using? I'm looking for something similar for my FJ40. thanks, Nick
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    Projecting, tinkering, fiddle-farting around: whatcha building?

    Very nice KLF! I'll have to get together with Steve for a ride... Speaking of motorcycles; mine got a change of color. From this: To this: My 2018 R1200 GSA now matches the paint scheme of my '76 FJ40. Nick
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    Projecting, tinkering, fiddle-farting around: whatcha building?

    KLF, FWIW fellow Yankee Toy alum Mike Gavin has a GX470 here in Pepperell MA. I'm sure we could all get together and have a look at it with regards to mounting a cutting board in the back.... Nick
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    Best Tool for Opening Hole from 15.80mm to 15.88mm (5/8 inch) - Drill Bit or Reamer?

    It only had a .003" press fit to start with according to your measurements. Much less than that and you run the risk of spinning the bushing in the housing. The 20T press would have pushed it in easily as it was. Now I would be inclined to use a bearing mounting compound instead of assembly...
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    Best Tool for Opening Hole from 15.80mm to 15.88mm (5/8 inch) - Drill Bit or Reamer?

    The new bushing is larger so it is a press fit into the distributor housing. Just press it into the hole as is. Nick
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    A little help IDing these wheels?

    What skidplate said. I have had a couple sets of those through the years. I had to do minor grinding to the front caliper or use 1/4" wheel spacers to make them fit any of the Cruisers I had them on. Nick
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    Brake and exhaust help

    Joe, Did you not also have issue with the wheel cylinders not bleeding all the air out because the bleeder was not the highest point in the wheel cylinder? Seems to me you and I had that issue once with your FJ55... Nick
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    Real world value on wheeler FJ40 , purists please look away! This truck ultimately sold for $10K seven years ago and the market was hotter for modified FJ40's then vs, now (FWIW I owned the truck before the seller in that thread). While I hope you are right that your truck is worth...
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread ||| had several listed $65-$78 each... Nick
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    Using a hand winch to lift hydraulic press table with one cable

    Hook one end of the come-along to the right side and the cable end to the left side over the top of the press. As the cable gets shorter both ends come up... :cheers: Nick
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    Transfer output leak after double seal - what am I doing wrong?

    Looks like the drum has been machined where the seal rides. Might be too small for the seals to actually seal against at this point... Nick
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    Under two post lift jack stands?

    I have 4 of the HF underlift jack stands. I had my '92 ExtraCab longbed 4x4 F250 Diesel on them (and the lift of course) for at least a month with swapping the clutch, t-case and rear axle rebuild. I did throw away the crappy bolts that came with them and bought better stuff locally. IMHO...
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    Builds FJ45SWB recovered from a barn

    I don't think I'd turn my back on that "guard dog" for a second around those cookies. He'll "keep them safe" in his belly if you do... @CHUOX17A Nice work on the cookies! Where did you get the cookie cutter? Nick
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    Adapter ID help needed

    Small block Chevy front engine mount. The 4 holes near the center bolt to the front of the engine block. The big holes on the ends sit on the stock Cruiser engine rubbers IIRC. Nick
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