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    The right tool for the job - Crimping Battery Cables

    x2 for the HF hydro crimper. One of the HF "good" tools. Nick
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    Looking to remove the smog pump from a early 1980 FJ40

    Jim C. has what you need. Air Pump Idler pulley, 79-80 Fed 2F with PS Nick
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    used engine lifts?

    If renting, yes, one day to remove the engine and get it on an engine stand. Then one day to reinstall the engine once you have it rebuilt. Or see if you can borrow one from a fellow Cruiserhead. This is where being a member of the local Cruiser club comes in handy. Plus you can get help...
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    used engine lifts?

    Another feature to look at is the length of the boom. A lot of the newer engine hoists do not have a long enough boom to reach into a Land Cruiser engine compartment and lift the motor/trans/t-case out. Sure, the boom telescopes, but if you have a typical hoist boom fully extended the capacity...
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    Marlin Crawl Box. Should I?

    Waiting is a better choice. Look on - that t-case ranges from $100-$300 here in New England. The t-case in your pictures will also need a rebuild given the bearings being covered in dirt and dust. I've bought used t-cases from the recycler that I could use as is. Nick
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    Marlin Crawl Box. Should I?

    It rotates the rear t-case up closer to the floor for more ground clearance. Tradeoff being u-joint angles get steeper with more lift. Nick
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Disc or drum brakes? Nick
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    Builds FJ45SWB recovered from a barn

    The block was hot dipped before Jim rebuilt it. There's nothing to flush. I thought also that the radiator was just redone before Jim put that in too. Short answer: just drop the new one in. Nick
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    For Sale Left and right TOYOTA N.O.S. Fenders. I bought in 1994 $800 for a pair.

    I'm interested - started at conversation/PM'd you. Nick
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    For Sale FJ40 misc. rubber seals?

    The other 4 are valve cover nut gaskets... Nick
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    Marlin Crawl Box. Should I?

    Don't forget to contact BudBuilt for a dualcase skidplate. Bud makes some of the best parts in the business IMHO. Crossmembers Nick
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    Has anyone swapped a 71 Detroit Diesel in a 40?

    More pics of the same truck...
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    Has anyone swapped a 71 Detroit Diesel in a 40?

    3-53 in an FJ40... These photos are from a for sale ad a friend sent me. I know nothing about the truck in the photos other than what can be seen in the photos. Nick
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    5.3/th350 torque converter dust shield? ?

    I've also pulled K covers out of full sized vans - had a '93 with a 4.3/700r4 with a K cover. Don't remember it having the rods though. Nick
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    What’s up with my ‘76 2f valve train?

    You might luck out that the PO had no clue how to adjust the valves. But I would still at least pull the side cover then the lifters, one at a time. If all looks decent you will at least have the peace of mind you looked rather than wondering "what if..." Good luck! Nick
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