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    Fj45 Ute

    Wow, nice find!
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    FJ45LV New Upgrades - Old Man Emu 2.5" lift, 16" wheels, Toyo M55 Tires, Acorn Hubcaps

    Looks great! The stance is perfect and as others have said, wheels and classic hubcaps are perfect, How does it ride with the new suspension?
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    Parting Out Virginia/DC Parting Out 2f & Late 4 speed Trans/T-Case

    How many miles were on the trans/tranfercase?
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    SOLD Alabama ** FJ28L **

    :hmm: I think it's actually harder to un-do, then re-do a bad restoration vs. just starting with one that's in rough condition.
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    Gauging interest in 45LV window weatherstrip kit.

    Count me in for one rear tailgate kit please.
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    Parting Out Parting out 87/FJ60 Virginia Beach

    Sending PM on the transfer case.
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    1960 FJ28L wagon at Barrett-Jackson

    ...I particularly like the rebar mirror posts. :rofl: Looking beyond the 1000 things that the previous "restorer" did wrong, it's amazing to see another one of these pop up for sale.
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    Parting Out Dickson city,Pa 1987 fj60 part out

    Once you start ripping it apart, I would be interested in the transfer case.
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    SOLD Pair of FJ40 front fenders & apron

    As others have said @dieselbj42 had some OE fenders and he does a great job packing and shipping from Germany. I bought a set for my LV rather than going through the hassle of refurbishing the old ones. There may be a couple of holes your metal shop will have to fill, but other than that...
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    Wanted FJ60/62 on East Coast

    It would help if you post up a range of how much you want to spend.
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    FJ25 Chat Thread

    @JackA's all "Rusty Gold". C'mon, it looks like the long lost family member to your LV.
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    1960 FJ28L wagon at Barrett-Jackson

    Congrats...your LV now has a little brother...or maybe sister? (I'm not sure your wife will buy that rationale, but it's worth a try). We're all glad it went to an enthusiast and not a flipper. :cheers:
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    Value help. 1977 FJ45

    Running and driving 45 longbed?Closer to $10k seems about right. Sure it’s rusty, but still solid.
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