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    SOLD 97' LX450 Overland Rig - Ready to go.

    Bumpy, bump! I'd do this if I was in the market! With all the mods and baseline, worth it!!!
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    Builds DINGO

    Excellent advice. I appreciate it.
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    Builds DINGO

    Great thread! I'm subscribed! I've been wanting to do this for a while now and you have me rethinking how to address the rear wheel arches and the wheelbase length (to fit an out of box solution for the tray). I was thinking of the below to address the wheel arches and would appreciate you...
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    Can't get this out of my head!!!

    Your welcome. Diesel would be cool, but want something where everyone knows how to work on it. I'm hoping GM will kit their new 3.0 Duramax. Yes! THANKS!!! I was hoping someone has done this. I have many questions.
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    Can't get this out of my head!!!

    Quad cab FJ60 Body FJ80 frame / axles stretched about 12" Tray back - steel with fold up/down sides and under tray storage LS3 Connect & Cruise Powertrain System Not sure on t-case, want part time, may go with FJ80 with part time kit. 4" lift with 35s
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    For Sale Rockwall Texas 1988 FJ62 For Sale $21200

    Nice ride and good luck with the sale. If you are selling this through your business, please consider buying a vendor membership to support the site that supports your business. Thanks.
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    FJ60 on FJ80 frame/chassis

    Update? Also, got some details on frame cut to fit the body? Thx
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    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    I have a set of complete FJ60 disc brake assembly with Asian hubs. Perfect for disc brake conversion. Make offer. No low-ballers or tire-kickers or people who drink crap beer!
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    FS: 82 FJ40

    Sold. Bittersweet because it's sold but it's going back to Jason who I got it from. It's definitely in good hands!
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    LS-swapped '80

    Great drawing! That AC compressor may hit the air clearer. Measure twice, install once...
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    FS: 82 FJ40

    Can you please PM me his contact information? Tks
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    FS: 82 FJ40

    Galen, keep me in tune about your 2F. I need a full pull, so all the accessories air cleaner ect.
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    FS: 82 FJ40

    I thought you were maybe offering it up.
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    FS: 82 FJ40

    Here are some pics I took today of the exterior and interior.
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