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    Looking to get steel rims for an 93 FZJ 80

    Your stock wheels are 16x8 with 4.5” back spacing. I would look for steel wheels in this size. There are a lot of options. What’s wrong with your stock wheels?
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    Ethanol free ?

    Use ethanol free whenever you can. I have no proof of this and I could be completely wrong but when these engines were designed and built there wasn’t ethanol or at least not at every pump. In my LC I only use all gasoline unless it’s an emergency and I have to put ethanol in it. I think it...
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    For Sale 80 series Advics ceramic brake pads-rear

    Gotcha. I thought that might be the case. I need to check my rear brakes this weekend. If you don’t have anyone local wanting them I’ll probably take them. If you don’t mind to ship. Thanks
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    For Sale 80 series Advics ceramic brake pads-rear

    Why did you replace them?
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    ISO Aftermarket Rear Bumper for 97 FZJ80 This is a good place to start as well
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    Info onManhattan Toyota, Redondo Beach, CA

    X2 on don’t take it to the dealer if you have a choice. I’ve had two different Toyota dealerships screw up more than they fixed. I’d try to find a tire shop for the alignment or an off road shop like @Marco Lau said above
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    Orange oil warning light

    Check the connection on the sensor plug. Mines cracked on the sensor side so it doesn’t always keep a good connection my light goes off and on all the time depending on the terrain. It’s only there for people that don’t check their oil. I’ll admit the first time it came on it scared the #%*^...
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    Help needed for a newbie

    I think that’s one you should pass on unless it’s free IMO Check this one out. Between the condition having the 1fz-fe and lockers it’s worth the difference 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ 80 w/ Front and Rear Lockers
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    Center console - what is this?

    @bhicks makes a cup holder insert and @LC4LIFE has some USB ports in the works to replace the coin holders.
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    Suggestions On Best Brake Rotors For My Money

    Get the Napa eclipse calipers they are typically rebuilt oem
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    Suggestions On Best Brake Rotors For My Money

    I just installed these they give you 10% off your first order and free shipping. So far they are great. I only have couple hundred miles on them. R1 Concepts Product - R1 Carbon GEOMET Series 1993 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER with Rear Disc Brakes
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    Chasing a death wobble

    Does it happen when you’re accelerating to 40 then go away at 60? Or does it only happen when slowing down?
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    ABS System delete

    Good to know. I’m glad I asked before I pulled it off and started drilling. Thanks
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    ABS System delete

    Could this fitting be drilled and tapped to accept the passenger side hard brake line?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I’ve been looking for these forever. I’m in for a a couple of sets in black or gray when you get them. Those look awesome. Much cleaner than the ones I have now.
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