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    1FZ-FE Inside the frame Y-pipe

    Sweet. Let us know how it goes. Thanks
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    1FZ-FE Inside the frame Y-pipe

    Did this go anywhere? I’d like to do this to mine.
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    Best aftermarket tie-rods?

    I don’t have any experience with these but this is the set I’m getting ready to order Cruiser Outfitters
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    Easiest option for ‘97 LX450 speaker replacement

    I looked at buying these before I decided to delete my door speakers. Toyota Land Cruiser 1993-1996 OEM Speaker Upgrade Harmony R65 R4 Package New - HA-SPK-PACKAGE2302
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    Thinking rhino lining the exterior..

    There are a ton of threads on here if you search monstaliner or raptor liner. They seem to be the more popular choices for diy bed liners. If you’re going to have a shop spray it check out bullet liner. I haven’t done it on my 80 but I’ve had good results with it on a truck bed. Your son has...
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    @Dissent it looks awesome!
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    noobie help request

    The best thing you can do for the seatbelts is send them to Seat Belt Repair & Airbag Reset - Safety Restore They do a great job on the seatbelts and they get them turned around quickly. I replaced my sun visors with a pair out of a Lexus LS400 and the fit great. You can find them on eBay or...
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    Front spacers and caster corection?

    What’s the height difference between the front and rear now? I would probably wait til you get your winch mounted before trying to level it out.
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    Aux Fan set up for an 80 Series LX450

    I’m stoked to get mine and get it installed. Thanks Phil!
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    Parting Out Spring Cleaning odds and end off 93 Chattanooga, TN

    1- battery hold down brackets $10 each shipped 1- Toyota remanned Stock alternator only 200 miles on it $100 plus shipping 1- Slee headlight and aux light harness. Headlight harness was used for a year. Aux light harness new $30 shipped 24- Acorn style lug nuts $3 each or $48 for all shipped 1-...
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    Parting Out Parting Out 1994 Fj80 NW Georgia/ Chattanooga area

    He's keeping the diffs and axles.
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    Buyin', Sellin', Tradin'

    I have two 80 series alternators both rebuilt one is a Toyota remaned unit with only a couple hundred miles of use the second was rebuilt locally with all Denso parts never used after rebuild. I’d like $100 each for the alternators but I’m open to offers or trade. Thanks
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I’ve been working my way through my to do list. Installed the @deltavs 6” control arms and PLB. I added some extra HP with some stickers @NLXTACY @Gun Runner 5
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    new to me problems!

    As far as the blinking OD light. It’s telling you there is a transmission code. If your speedometer isn’t working it’s probably the speed sensor on the transmission. I would check those before I replace the instrument cluster. You can pull the codes with a obd1 scanner or by jumping the port...
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