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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    So, I’ve seen a large Increase in outdoor visitation and am a little concerned that if we don’t lock down some sites soon we may not find any. I’d also like to throw in a vote to reduce the number of daily campsite moves in our overall travel plan. were pulling a trailer loaded w bacon and beverages
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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    Pig trip training drills
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I bought a Patina rig! It’s a little crusty but it makes me smile.
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    Wanted IL:Fj60 transfer case linkage

    I think what he’s saying is that he needs all of the fj60 tcase linkage to convert his Fj62 vacuum tcase to manual?
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    For Sale S.Illinois 79 FJ40 tub

    Sorry folks this one sold
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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    Yep, were all coming. Maybe hitting some sites before we meet up. Time depending we’ll try to hand around to see the late comers
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    Wanted FJ55 battery tray

    Never mind, I just made this one longer and stronger. Thanks
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    Wanted FJ55 battery tray

    So it appears that the earlier 55 battery trays are a little smaller that the 77 trays.... so big thanks to @Pigeaten for coming through with one but I need a larger one. The top bolt holes are about 13.5 inches apart. If anyone needs the smaller one I’ve sandblasted and painted the smaller one...
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    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    Those dates work for us! We’re going up the Mississippi to Wisconsin then west.
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    What did you do to your pig today?

    Our pig is getting an early start for the pig party. Custom push bar,and lights, dual Odyssey batteries, mean green alternator, Sniper... maybe even door seals ??
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    Pig Party 2021 shirts!

    I like the patina look really brings out the green 😂
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    Pig Party 2021 shirts!

    Just ordered mine, thanks for doing those.
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    Wanted FJ55 battery tray

    That will do it! Thanks, I can PayPal you when you’re ready
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    Wanted  FJ55 battery tray

    Hey folks, I need one of these pretty quickly. Thanks for digging in your piles. Please let me know what you find. Thanks
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    For Sale Battery tray

    Do ya still have this? I’ll take it if ya do. Thanks
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