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    Recommendation - good paint shop in Orlando?

    If anyone has a good paint shop in Orlando they can recommend please do. I have a couple spots on my hood and front fender starting to get the Florida fade and I'd like to get it cleaned up. My dad is also looking to have his whole hood repainted on his SUV, so ideally someone good at touch up...
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    Parting Out 1994 80 series N Fla 32605

    If in good shape, entire upper tailgate shipped to 32835 please
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    Parting Out Parting Out 1993 FZJ80 Green- Austin, Tx.

    If still in good shape, entire upper rear tailgate assembly shipped to 32835 please!
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    ONF - Trail ride Oct. 10

    Just seeing this and needing to get some work done on my cruiser before I can go anywhere, but definitely interested in meeting up in ONF sometime this fall/winter if you guys go again.
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    Most reliable shop in Orlando?

    Thanks guys! CruiseOrlando, I just sent a message your way. I like the sound of a Toyota guy looking into a few things for me.
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    Most reliable shop in Orlando?

    Hey guys, does anyone have any recommendations for a good, reliable shop in the Orlando area who can check over my AC system? It went out back in Feb, I recharged it, and it was blowing hot air again within a couple weeks. I havent had time to mess with it so Ive only been driving the Cruiser on...
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    For Sale (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

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    is june 22 @ hard rock still on??

    Sorry guys, not going to make it. Little guy is better but not well enough for a day in the rig. Catch you on the next trip.
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    is june 22 @ hard rock still on??

    Ouch, dropping like flies. I may be as well - just got home half an hour ago from Toronto and it looks like our son may be coming down with something ugly (wife was sick all week). I will see how things go tomorrow but Saturday is looking iffy for now.
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    TJM 80 front bumper on CL

    Thanks guys, I have it listed here as well. Credit for the grill goes to the previous owner - that pic was from the weekend I bought it and was driving home from NC where I picked it up.
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    Hard rock June 22

    Per the other thread I think there will be a few going that day
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    For Sale (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

    Will do, thanks FJC. Not sure if I screwed it up but I ended up on UPS's freight estimtes (due to dimensions) and it was very expensive. I could have messed up but dont think either way shipping that thing will be cost effective.
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    For Sale (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

    Thanks! Here were the specs from the previous owner who did the work: 3.5" total lift - OME 861 & 862 springs, 2"metal tech spacersup front and MAF 30 mm spacers in rear. Maf 3" drop brackets up front for caster. 315 Toyo MTs Feel free to PM me for contact info if its easier closer to coming...
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    For Sale (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

    Nah, everything else stays on the rig! I had planned on selling locally, not sure how easy it will be to ship to you but I will look into it ASAP.
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    For Sale  (FL) 80 series TJM front bumper

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is the bumper that came on my 1996 80 series LC. Some marks but overall in good condition. Very easy to mount a winch to it. $350 obo, located in Orlando. Here is a pic on the LC the weekend I bought it.
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