We are a small company, a couple of guys with a vision. Make high quality parts, for the restoration grade enthusiast. We respect the "big guys" and will never compete. Our niche is do what others aren't.

We've wrenched on rigs the better part of four decades. We've grown up behind parts counters and behind end mills. We understand injection, blow, and extrusion molding.

The greatest compliment you can provide is: "It's better than OEM" (which is possible because of technology advancements in the last 60 years since some of these parts have been made)

Lastly, this isn't our day job gig yet. You'd laugh if we told you what we are doing today. Our ask is for Grace if we make a mistake. Just email us or PM, give it a few days (we don't check the account daily) and we'll make it right.


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