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    How to sand and paint FJ40 top?

    Nice work! Mine too needed a ton of fiberglass work. My main concern is having to deal with removing the seam seal later down the line if the need arises. I did swing by the body shop supply on lunch and picked up another tube of seam seal. I think I'd rather deal with all the sealant down...
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    How to sand and paint FJ40 top?

    I'm not crazy about filling my rain gutter totally up with seam sealer. It didn't appear Toyota did anything but put a bead of sealant around the 90* corner of the rain gutter where the fiberglass top and vertical section of the rain gutter meet. I know these are prone to leaking so I'd like...
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    Buying a Taco with 250k

    That's for sure a premium for the truck IMO. I'd take a look at the frame condition closely. It looks like the body/bed line is a little out of whack, narrowing at the base.... but maybe that's just exaggerated by the camper shell. Either way I do see some signs that would bring about...
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    2000 miles of back roads in a 55-year old FJ40

    You know, I'm not even sure how I stumbled across it. However, since then I've ordered the TAT route map that extends from Corinth, MS to Fayetteville, TN. Some friends and I are planning to make the 800 mile round trip in our Cruisers this spring. We're hoping to make it to Lynchburg, TN...
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    2000 miles of back roads in a 55-year old FJ40

    I live along the very beginning of the "Lake Hill Motors West" section. I have plenty of rural property within' 30 minutes of Corinth, MS where you guys/gals are welcome to camp for the night before beginning the East loop of that trail if you decide to execute.
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    Bluff City Cruisers Club Meetings

    I don't. That thing isn't very highway friendly for all those miles :grinpimp: I've been working on my 40 trying to get the top completed on it so I can cruise it up once in a while. That thing has rust and issues at every turn...but we're getting there.
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    Bluff City Cruisers Club Meetings

    Interested in the 901 Cruisers as well. Also keeping an eye on this thread. I'm working in Bartlett now days and would like to catch up with some of you 'fellas.
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    20th Razorback Ramble June 3-6, 2021 HSORV

    The Razorback Ramble is back in full force at Hot Springs Off-Road Vehicle Park in Hot Springs, AR for 2021! For $75, you get an event t-shirt, one meal ticket for the meal on Saturday night, and one driver raffle ticket. Upon arrival, you will need to check in at the office to square away any...
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    MOAB 2020 Discussion & BS

    Due to recent health issues I will no longer be able to commit to the Moab trip. I hope to catch it in 2021 or ASAP.
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    An apology and an update...

    Very cool. I'd really like to see some participation out of this one. I've been kicking it with you guys for the last decade and I've made not only friends but most of you guys I consider family. What a group! I'd like to thank all of the leadership team for being some of the most generous...
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    2019 Southern Cruiser Crawl

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