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    💥Pig Party 2022💥

    Half an Oink. So “Oi”. @Yukon Kit is stupid and ugly and smells bad and is a poopoo face, but he is located in Salida, CO. Also has a 60 with a 6BT and lots of time off
  2. TachedOutOffRoad

    Windshield group buy

    I’ll buy one of the shipping thing gets worked out
  3. TachedOutOffRoad

    For Sale Lone Pine CA, 1978 FJ55 Landcruiser

  4. TachedOutOffRoad

    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    PP21 lives in forever thanks to Ole Gordo
  5. TachedOutOffRoad

    For Sale Santa Rosa, CA, 1972 FJ55, Blue, SBC

    as much as I hate Chevy V8s, I really like that truck
  6. TachedOutOffRoad

    Builds 79 Aussie BJ55 build

  7. TachedOutOffRoad

    SLOW 71

  8. TachedOutOffRoad

    Events/Trails Pig Party 2021💥🎉💥

    @Gordobe hey buddy! We had a great time! I sure hate not having my Pig there, but the 4 of us had a great 4,000 trip as a whole. No Pops next year, but I will be in my Pig! This was our official Black Hills theme song in Clifford, the Big Red Tundra
  9. TachedOutOffRoad

    Creeper thread

    Is it still there? Does it have a old ass faded USMC sticker on the back window?
  10. TachedOutOffRoad

    💥 2021 Sounder of Swine 💥

    Boys caught some trout and made us supper JMack forced Edgar to stay too long and “probably” get in trouble with The Boss We are headed Back East now. Still 1,400 miles to go. Small, but super awesome group!!
  11. TachedOutOffRoad

    💥 2021 Sounder of Swine 💥

    Found some free range chocolate milk cows
  12. TachedOutOffRoad

    💥 2021 Sounder of Swine 💥

    Thanks for letting guy in the big red tundra hang out!
  13. TachedOutOffRoad

    💥 2021 Sounder of Swine 💥

    Rocky Mountain oysters
  14. TachedOutOffRoad

    💥 2021 Sounder of Swine 💥

    Pickled pigs feet
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