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    Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto Naviplus Group Buy

    I picked the next cheapest which was like $7aud more than the cheapest. $67 vs $74 IIRC. Anyhow, I’m blown away as DHL just dropped it off! ETA: Not the first lick of instructions LOL. Headed to their website to get all of that now.
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    Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto Naviplus Group Buy

    Mine is in Customs already in Cincinnati. :cool:
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    17" non-RW wheels on 2016 LC200 ?

    Looks good, but there should’ve never been any concern. Plenty of threads/posts confirming 17 works fine.
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    Cross-Country Family Trip (input requested!)

    The link in my sig for my 200 has some spots from a trip out west. We do 5000-7000 mi trips out west pretty routinely. The Land Cruiser is hard to beat for that. My youngest just turned 8 last week and he’s been to 47 states, most of those in a 100 or 200. He turned 1 in the rain on Black Bear...
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    EC Offroad CarPlay Solutions For 2016+ 200 Series LC

    Can't wait to hear your verdict once you get some seat time with it. FYI - TF Card is pretty well synonymous with MicroSD card. Probably will let you store media locally on it but it could also be the mechanism for updating the OS later if need be.
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    How do set cameras to turn on automatically when slowing down to a stop? 19 LC

    Auto is kinda fun until you are on a trip and it keeps kicking that NAV scren off. Drives me nuts when in an area I'm not familiar with!
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    Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto Naviplus Group Buy

    Put me down as interested.
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    How's the LC200 refresh/8-speed holding up now that it's 4+ years old?

    That is a big upgrade that is often overlooked. The 16+ accelerates and brakes better than any stock Land Cruiser without a doubt.
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    How's the LC200 refresh/8-speed holding up now that it's 4+ years old?

    Yup, CC is a dog. I will say the LX has a better brain somehow than the LC on cruise control though. Would've thought it would be from the same parts bin but evidently not. Toyota cruise control is the worst of any manufacturer I've ever driven. The same guy must do the cruise control and the...
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Tested the roof rack on the 200 series. It’s a beast. For real I finally made a long time dream come true with a lift. Now I get to start a massive re-organization, but that’s ok. I’m a happy man. I think I may grab a cold beer, sit in a chair and stare at my lift LOL.
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    Official 200 Series Chat and BS Thread

    Run with jZilla at Road Atlanta. Would like to run it once or twice more and *maybe* move on to a C8. I took a gamble on the ZL1 as I’m historically a P-Car guy. It’s been an amazing car and you are right it is built for road Atlanta. I never would’ve thought Chevy could build a car that good...
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    Official 200 Series Chat and BS Thread

    When I go to the track I buy specific track insurance. If he has it, he's covered. Probably about $750 to cover that GT3 for a full weekend. I think it was $550 to cover my ZL1 the last time for a full weekend at Road Atlanta. Worth every penny just for the peace of mind. Raptor guy: definitely...
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    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    Good find. Ours broke as well and I couldn't find that part to save my life. Had the wife get it fixed when she took it in for an oil change. I have a feeling this won't be the last time someone needs one of these. It's a lousy design.
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    Builds Canguro Racing's Monica

    Awesome results again! Keep up the good work. :cool: You guys seem to find success much in the way Porsche has dominated endurance racing. You don't have to be THE fastest, you have to fast but with reliability/durability.
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    Installing and testing the Grom Vline2 Android Infotainment System to get Apple CarPlay (Updating)

    Awesome. Wireless CarPlay is pretty much the point I get to where I can say, no need to advance the in-dash tech anymore. Just give us a good display and let the phone do the rest, be it AA or CP.
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