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    2020 Rendezvous in the Ozarks

    I’m thinking I may try and work this one in.
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    Gotta spend money to save money

    Mine is an Oztent. Collin’s looked pretty nice when I saw it set up.
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    I’ve got it somewhere. I’ll find it and get it to you.
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    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2020?

    Added some protection.
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    Annual Meeting

    Won’t be able to make it. Will be in SanAntonio for work.
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    Flint Hills 05/01-05/03

    Appreciate it! We got rooms at a hotel a block away so we don’t have to walk far. My guess is there will be plenty of libations so staying close is always better.
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    Flint Hills 05/01-05/03

    I would be in but just bought tickets to a show in Columbia for that weekend. Maybe if Dwayne is going myself and 3 other coworkers can crash at his house...… or crash his house. Have fun! I would like to explore that area some day.
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    Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year. What to hope for 2020..

    I would like to add some bolt on HP's (Boost?)… Anyone?
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    New Years wheeling.... anyone interested Dec 28th or 29th?

    I should be able to make the 29th work if that’s the date.
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    Free stuff

    I’ll take a couple.
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    Tornado Alley Cruisers Introductions

    Welcome Jason! FYI - Jason is a coworker and friend. His new 80 has a great body on it. Couldn’t find really any rust when I looked it over.
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    TAC Garage Sale 2019

    Leftovers. Free to a good home. Let me know what you want. Going in the trash in the near future.
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    For Pete's sake, Lend a hand

    Ended up going to Christian Brothers in Shawnee for an alignment per a recommendation from a friend at work. $109 with tax. Made a big difference in the way it handles, especially hard braking. The guy said the left front tire was pretty far out.
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    For Pete's sake, Lend a hand

    Last weekend I rebuilt an extra steering gearbox and installed it today with help from @FZJ80 in KC. Biggest struggle was separating the input shaft from the knuckle. Finally decided to try the air hammer on it to see if that would help it break loose and it popped it right off. Also installed...
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    For Pete's sake, Lend a hand

    Finally mounted the rear quarter panel mount from @NLXTACY (WitsEnd) and wired it all up. Also ran the wire to the sub in the tailgate. Sealed up the tailgate with the exception of the 3 small drain holes in the bottom. Also lined it all with DynoMat. The sub makes a great addition to the...
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