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    Post pics of your dog(s)with your 80!

    Loving all the dogs in here, of course, but naturally I have a soft spot for the heelers. Great photos everyone.
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    Help needed with A/T tire decision..

    Agreed on all of the above. I’ve had mine in tons of rain (again, southeast AK is one of the wettest places around) as well as every kind of snow & winter road surface. Very happy with the choice. They’re confident and predictable, linear, etc. On my way up the mountain on Saturday, a young...
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    Owners post here......

    Greetings from the 80 forum. I’m still learning all the fine details of each specific model.... HJ 45/47 troopy we have here? That’s what I was able to slim it down to, but asking the pros. Cruisers of any kind are quite rare here. I’d gauge less than ten 80s, maybe 4-5 60s, and this is the...
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    Central lock vs 4wd

    Open diffs follow the path of least resistance
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    Delta Vehicle Systems Panhard Lift Bracket, 3" & 5"

    Finally got around to doing my bracket tonight. A little finagling to line things up, but went right in overall. Actual “work” was maybe 30 min tops, more like an hour if you include chatting with beer. Driving around, braking hard, hitting bumps, it’s for sure aligned better.
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    is POR15 a preventive treatment for a good frame? (went with Macropoxy 646)

    In my personal research I might give the upper hand to woolwax. Thicker & sounds like it holds up a little better. Cheap application setup example:
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    is POR15 a preventive treatment for a good frame? (went with Macropoxy 646)

    Fluid film & wool wax are equivalent products, so the same process is used for both. Again, just power wash to remove dirt/mud/etc and then you can start spraying after it’s dry. You’re basically just covering the metal with oil. You can certainly choose whatever product you want, but I’m...
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    is POR15 a preventive treatment for a good frame? (went with Macropoxy 646)

    Not sure about wool wax, but fluid film is fairly common. You can probably find a local vendor through their website. To be clear, I’m no expert, but yes you can power wash it whether at home or a local place with that option, let it fully dry, and then apply. The nice thing with these products...
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    is POR15 a preventive treatment for a good frame? (went with Macropoxy 646)

    Many folks like it, but I have seen lots of cases where it doesn’t actually work or last very long. The potential issue with painted undercoat products is that if your frame isn’t clean enough and generally rust free before you start the process, it can actually seal it in and continue to rot...
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    I know some people stuff 315s on stock suspension, so 305 should be fine, or 285/75 for same height but not quite as wide. Depends how much you’ll articulate the suspension. Maybe consider a simple spacer front & rear for a little more clearance? If you like Toyo and the AT2, try the new AT3...
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    Possible water leak? HELP

    Rear sunroof drains could be clogged, trim at bottom of rear slider windows could be leaking, possibly leaking roof (happened to me, couple rust holes under cracked paint) When that area was damp in mine, it was the aforementioned roof and sunroof drains. Ran on top of headliner, came down...
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