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    Diff Lock Indicator flashing when truck started and while driving

    My 2013 LC is doing the same thing. Three days ago while leaving work (temp 50's) the center diff light started flashing. Stopped the vehicle and turn ignition off then restarted - the flashing CDL light disappeared. Placed transmission in N and placed in 4L and all systems normal. This morning...
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    Builds My Backwoods Overland built URJ200 “Jolene”---

    Vermont Overland Rally: I took truck up to Vermont for the last week of September for the Vermont Overland Rally. There were a couple other 200s there. For the first day of the event, we kept it fairly tame with some easy forest roads--out goal was to hit up Hill Farmstead and Alchemist which...
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    Planning to make the trek from Pittsburgh, PA. Would be nice to convoy if possible.
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    We are planning to attend - just need to lock in some dates. My pick is #3, with color artwork with small chest logo and artwork on the back.
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    Welcome to Pittsburgh - I live in Sewickley - let's try to meet up.
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    Hey Gearwrench - I live in Sewickley - we should try to meet up.
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    Keystone Cruisers Next Club Run Is August 11th

    Hey Folks - Is anyone heading up to the VOR this year? My son and I will be going (second yr in a row). I would like to meet up do some exploring together. Thanks.
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    Thanks Cass007 - it was great to meet you and your family. Just joined the Keystone Cruisers and hope to make some rides with you all soon.
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    2016 Arb Rear Bumper Specs

    Looks nice. I have the same type of bumper on my 2013 LC. Which lights did you use? Thinking about doing the same.
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    Official Keystone Cruisers Club Roster

    Thanks for having me.
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    Help - Storage options for LC 200 with third row seats

    Thanks DPA 200 - I would love to see someone here in the USA build something modular for those of us whom can't remove the third row seats. Would suspect this would be successful here in the States. Please keep me in the loop as I would be very interested. In the interim - bought some...
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    Help - Storage options for LC 200 with third row seats

    The above image is from Fourbyfitouts in Australia - this was I was hoping to do. The fridge slide is low profile and is permanently mounted, yet does not interfere with using the third row seat. "might work" was just intended for my scenario - I have no doubt that they would work. The ARB...
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    Help - Storage options for LC 200 with third row seats

    That is a good idea and might work. Hard to find install info on the ARB site - how are yours anchored? turn-buckle -vs- bolted to metal floor? Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Help - Storage options for LC 200 with third row seats

    The "attic" is awesome.
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    Help - Storage options for LC 200 with third row seats

    I'm looking for something modular - removable when I need the third row. The link in my original post has a link to a modular unit with the third row intact (just not usable). Typically, I take 2-3 kids so I don't need that third row except for day-day activities.
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