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    Help! Biggest MT Tire for LC 100 Stock Suspension R18

    Wheel size is largely irrelevant. So is having any lift. All a lift does is change static height of vehicle. Unless you are changing the suspension geometry/ modifying bump stops it's still cycling through the same range of motion. Outer diameter/ width of the tire combined with backspacing of...
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    Just pull them off one by one. If the ends or any part is cracked it needs replacing.
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    Check all the evap hoses in the engine bay. They are easy to replace. I had the same code, new o2 didn't solve it. For me the hose in the rear passenger side of the engine compartment was all cracked at the ends. Went to autoparts store and got a similar sized hose. Solved the issue. I'd go...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Not this week, but last Tuesday replaced front brakes, calipers, rotors. Also replaced inner/outer wheel bearings with @cruiseroutfit wheel bearing service kit. Once you get the hang of getting the cone washers to pop free it's a pretty easy job. Then 2 days later went on a 4 day, 3 night car...
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    Tough dog review thread

    Just wanted to chime in. I installed the standard 41mm? TD shocks front and rear this past January paired with OME 865 springs, keeping the stock t-bars. I've also got the TT upper and lower rear links plus the TT extended sway links front and rear. Truck is stock besides a DIY rear storage...
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    YWST: Front Wheel Bearing Overhaul Kits for the 100 Series (LX470)

    These kits are great. Just ordered a set for my 100. You guys are awesome.
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    For Sale MA: Late Model Toyota misc suspension parts

    Yup, I've still got it.
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    For Sale 2007 FJ Cruiser Massachusetts

    Sorry, it sold to @TheDuc .
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    Elocker/ Air Locker Wiring Mystery (Help)

    I was going to remove the actuator today, but ran out of time. With the compressor power unhooked I actually heard the rear locker actuate. This was after pulling the stock elocker "guard" and jiggling the wires around a bit. Sitting in my driveway in 4Lo (both with and without CDL locked) I...
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    Elocker/ Air Locker Wiring Mystery (Help)

    That's a good point. I was hoping it was just from the leaky valve cover gasket, but it does smell like gear oil....lame. Unhooked the power pigtail for the time being. Going to try clearing the air line of oil, new pressure switch just as maintenance as i am unsure of how old it is. Though the...
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    Elocker/ Air Locker Wiring Mystery (Help)

    Now lets look under the hood....: Excuse the grease, truck had a valve cover leak that I just fixed. Haven't got around to de-greasing, because free rust proofing.... On the compressor side everything looks good. Hard to tell but yellow/black connect to the solenoid as they should. Dark green...
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    Elocker/ Air Locker Wiring Mystery (Help)

    Here's everything all bundled up. The thick red, yellow, green, and black wires are from the compressor harness. The green and black wires from the compressor are not hooked up to anything. This i believe is correct, see wiring diagram below. Those are for a second air locker solenoid. When...
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    Elocker/ Air Locker Wiring Mystery (Help)

    I need the collective minds of MUD to help me out. First a quick back story: I'm the 3rd owner of my 98 LC. It has a factory rear elocker (yes it's there..) and according to the second owner an ARB installed in the front with ARB CKSA12 compressor. When I bought it I knew the lockers weren't...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Why powercoat them? If you use them as sliders the powercoat comes off just like rattle can. That's a lot of money for something that comes right off the second you slide them on a rock.
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