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    Cheap bastards

    What's a silver star?
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    Thinking of buying a 2016+ Land Cruiser - Owner Feedback?

    The dealer did it; I'm not particularly mechanical. It would have taken me too long, even if I knew how; no lift, etc. Parts aren't any worse than other Toyotas, plus labor. The dealer wrote off my rear brakes as "warranty" work, so I'm not complaining. I have a really good service...
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    Thinking of buying a 2016+ Land Cruiser - Owner Feedback?

    I have a '16, bought new, with a bit over 56k miles. I've had to replace the front brakes (incl. rotors), at 30k, and the rear at 55k. I put BFG KO2s on at 24k, and they look to have a lot more left even now. I love this car, and plan to keep it for a long time. (or until I die, whichever...
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    Ham class & test

    I am interested, and will attend.
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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Two for a 2016 LC, please!
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    SOLD Withdrawn: REDARC Battery Charger (Northern VA)

    It is. I’m away from home until next week, so that’s the soonest I could do anything.
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    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread I haven't installed it yet, so I don't know how that's going to go.
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    Anyone carry/use an electric Chain Saw?

    I recently got the Snapper cordless 18" chainsaw, but I haven't used it yet. It uses the same 82V batteries as my mower, trimmer, and blower. I got a couple of packages on Amazon, as well as an extra battery, so I have a spare charger if I want to take it on the road. I'd take two batteries...
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    Added some old school decals! Thoughts on placement?

    Did you get them from Toyota? If not, where?
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    2013 LC map update?

    I don't know how different the '13s are from the '16s, but I was unable to get a nav update for mine for a year or two. Lo & behold, last week when I was going in to finish the airbag recall, a new recall popped up concerning bad positioning data from the GPS. According to the service rep, a...
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    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread

    FOR SALE: Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide (for Small-Med fridges). Used it for a while; I'm replacing it with a drop slide. $350
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    For Sale Various Front Runner Rack Accessories

    Howdy! Everything still listed is still available.
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    Removal of door chrome protector strips?

    Here's what I eventually did: remove guards; remove plug/clips from guards; trim off flanges and shave smooth; clean & paint (matched touch-up paint & clear coat); re-insert painted plugs in holes. Now the armor will fit.
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