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    Trail Tailor Offerings- Racks, Sliders, Control Arms and Misc

    Dude...thanks for posting that link. So many answers to questions I've had in the past.
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    Hi Lift Jack question

    It can be used as a manual winch (been there, no fun), and if you have the wheel lift straps, you can pick anything up that way. This thing:
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    80 and 200 owner, getting my LX470 today! Has some issues

    You'll have to check the steering rack itself for play. Mine needed a new rack to make the VSC issues go away. Nice looking street/driveway! Wish we could get some of those cruisers here in the states.
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    Builds Land Crusher Build Thread

    At a small size, the awning makes your roof look caved in (first pic). :eek: Looks fun!
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    SPC UCA failure

    That's two of us then. Given how well Jason's stuff has worked out for me, I wouldn't have even blinked at buying control arms there too. I hope my SPCs hold up for a while, but I know what the next set will be when they wear out (and hopefully not catastrophically).
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    GROM VLine - Google apps/Android&iPhone integration

    I stuck to 5.1 based on @jLB feedback, and it's been totally stable. Maybe once in the last 5 months it's asked me to reboot, but my working theory is that it does that when it knows there's an update (it checks over wireless) and when I park close enough to my apartment for WiFi. I think if I...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Weird. I ordered the same thing, but got a black clamp.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Interesting.... I used some kind of double-sided 3M emblem tape on the suggestion of a post I found on a Tacoma forum somewhere. But it didn't work at all—mine won't stay stuck, and wobbles ever so slightly in freeway driving. I wouldn't dare take it through a car wash. I'd really rather not...
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    Magnaflow Resonator Replacement But as @LateOnTheBrakes said, out of stock everywhere.
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    Help! Weird gauge cluster issues after installing rock sliders.

    I'd also be inclined to believe you burned a part of the harness. A lot more of the electrical is tied together than it seems it should be (but I am not an engineer)—I killed my gauges with a short in the reverse lights circuit. It's probably not just a fuse, but it's worth checking them out...
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    Hi lift jack mount on Gamiviti rack?

    I mean the price for these is kind of stupid, but they worked for me on a (tube) ARB rack years ago.
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    Rear Diff Lock on LX470?????

    While you're at it, maybe lock the diff and grab a pic of the instrument cluster for @hoser...13 years later. (I'm curious as well)
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    Rear Diff Lock on LX470?????

    Headlight washers, too
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    Rear Wiper Arm Upgrade/Replacement - JDM OEM Parts

    It's not the same size, but it should be a helluva lot closer than that.
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    Rolling Windows Down with Remote?

    That reminds me, I'm all out of mustard. Dangit. Sorry to point you in the wrong direction, OP. (Techstream is a super useful tool anyway, though, so you won't lose anything there.)
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