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    Trail Tailor Offerings- Racks, Sliders, Control Arms and Misc

    Done! Thanks, Jason.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    They're outstanding. Both the LED fogs and some of their other offerings.
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    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    @jerryb Thanks. I would (hah, I have) skipped over those already, to the point of burning out 2 ballasts so far. This gives me a better place to start looking.
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    Sat Nav cd removal..

    Slider slides to reveal the eject button. It's dark down there...
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    LX470 Head Light Upgrade

    You can stumble around in the darkness, or just go with what works: LX470 HID RETROFIT PROJECTOR BRACKET You can buy whole already-set-up units from Lou ($$$), or just buy the brackets (that center the HID lens/projectors in the housings) and go the DIY route. It's easily one of the better mods...
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    Steering wheel way off center...then corrects?

    Mine (also an '03 LX) occasionally does that, but always self-corrects. I think it's the VGRS system—maybe poke around VGRS threads to see if one of them better answers your question.
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    Real Time help with Land Cruiser Front Axle/retaining ring/Drive Flange/Wheel bearing

    That metal is a washer that goes behind the large nut, with tabs that fold over the nut in order to keep from spinning. It's supposed to be there, no worries. Wheel bearing is likely fine. If there's an auto parts place nearby you can rent a puller to get the axle pulled out.
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    Update on GROM vline infotainment system for 2003 LX470

    The thread that @jLB references above is where to get the best info. FWIW, I bought the VL2 back in November. No regrets, even at full price. CarPlay all day makes it feel/function like a modern car.
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    First oil change, impressions.

    So the VLine just "inlines" to the factory stuff—it reuses the screen, all the hardware controls, etc. The best part is that it's easy, and no serious modifications to the LX. And everything still works as factory. The worst part is that it reuses a screen that's 20 years old. There's a huge...
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    Tailgate Carpet Removal....?

    Easy stuff—use those plastic trim popping tools you can get at any Harbor Freight or auto parts store. They place the force at the clip so you don't go tearing up the cardboard backing.
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    First oil change, impressions.

    You can get an Android-type head unit that also does CarPlay from Grom. Its' the VLine VL2. It's certainly not as good as the updated heater controls + modern head unit that so many have put good work into here, but it works well to bring the LX into somewhat modern territory. I almost never...
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    I pulled the intake to replace the starter does this look normal ?

    Somewhat unrelated, but the only time mine has ever been that far apart (since I bought it anyway) was to replace the o-rings/gaskets on the rear bypass pipe. Mine leaked just a bit. A new starter went in as well, since the labor to get all that apart is the same. Something to consider.
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    Can I manually bleed brakes?

    That's how I did it, worked well. Don't forget @knewstance advice—it's a PITA to suck the fluid back out.
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    Wanted 100-series/LX Subwoofer Assembly, blown speaker is fine

    And...of course I stuff it in the wrong sub-forum. Great start.
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    Wanted 100-series/LX Subwoofer Assembly, blown speaker is fine

    I went through Crutchfield to find the right speakers to replace all my stuff, including the sub, only to see that the entire assembly has been removed at some point. I'm not willing to fab my own (not to mention have no idea where to start), so I'm looking for one that's no longer in use. I...
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