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    The 'What are you listening to right now?' Thread

    You should hear what goes on in my mind.
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    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

    s*** man, I still roll like that!
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    I'm bored. What do you all do for fun (besides cruisers)?

    Walk the earth.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

    Also saw a few moose.
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    A REAL CRUISER?!?!??

    It's kind of like hoping Metallica will make good music again. Those days are long gone, just like Land Cruisers.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Drove it up to a local trailhead.
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    Random Picture Thread

    I took a swim on accident in the South Platte river in Colorado in January one time, that one sucked, I could barely get my hands to work to start my truck once I made it back.
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    Cabins & other mountain structures

    Little cabin that was up near Lincoln, MT.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Off Grid, Homesteading and Mountain living.

    That's why we have voltage drop calcs, upsize the AL conductors based on resistance/ distance/ amperage. While CU does in fact have a lower resistance per meter than AL, it is extremely heavier than AL, and comes with a golden price tag. Either do I, I'm the guy that changes toilet mints at...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Cool ass 4Runner showed up in the parking area when we were about to step out.
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    Random Picture Thread

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