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    LX 450 door handles part of hack?

    Chrome or paint, you will want to prep whatever you get for it properly stick if you decide to match it.
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    LX 450 door handles part of hack?

    Chrome was just an option on some of the years. Think it was the later yrs in black/chrome package. Not as common as the painted colors is my guess they are still avail. VS the color matched ones.
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    What are the exact ratings for each of the fusible links ?

    Or is 'irate now? or Arrrrriate?
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    Lowered 80? No, that’s a stock suspension

    I'll play. Although I sold, this was the day I brought it home in 2007. Bone stock '94.
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    Truck will not start

    There is pages of threads on a no start issue 3fe and 1fz-fe alike:
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    Truck will not start

    Correct. @jonheld has some great PDF and write up on the 3fe. Look at his sig line.
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    Truck will not start

    Ya, those links are in poor shape. They are sold (3) together. $12-15 to replace. Carry a spare link set in the glove box.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just google or what not "military battery terminals"
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    Intro & Glad to be Here

    Welcome! I dig 60 series and we love pics :D But I would post in the 60 series area ;) This is 80's tech meaning the model not the year. :cheers:
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    CCBs installed correctly?

    Caster bushings will have an off-set center hole. Those do appear to be OME CC bushings. How they were installed? dunno, would have to drop an arm individual at a time and check the orientation. That said, most have found plates or drop brackets to be a better solution the caster regarding lifts.
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    Builds Building Bubbles the Turbo Super Tourer

    99.9% That came out of a '93. ;) No need to ask me how I know. :lol:
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    1FZE Before and after clogged cats

    ? Playing in the snow here see those rpms easily.
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    Behind front bumper driver's side - what is it?

    91-92, maybe 93, never seen a 94 there and always wanted to do that relocate on mine.
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    Events/Trails 80s on the Ershim

    Funny; I thought this was tech and not trail talk. :P
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    1FZE Naturally Aspirated Upgrade (270whp currently)

    :lol: Oregon's version of dune rides :doh:
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