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    Welp, it happened. I blew my front diff

    The e-lockers were definitely more expensive but if you decide to go with them Cruiser Brothers may occasionally have them on sale. I ended up getting both e-lockers for a total of $300 off, which made the price a little more palatable. Check this thread to sign up for a sale notice: Harrop...
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    Welp, it happened. I blew my front diff

    I have had Harrop e-lockers in the front and rear in my LX470 for two years now with no issues. I have ARB lockers front and rear in my 40 and they have been trouble free for over 10 years and I have wheeled the crap out of it. You probably can't go wrong with either choice.
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    San Diego Area 40-Series Mechanic - Recommendations?

    Try @1973Guppie Noah's Arks Toyota Landcruiser Specialists San Diego -
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    Anza Borrego club run

    I checked the email list and you are on it. Please PM me your email address and I will verify that the correct one is entered.
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    RFD OC Rigs & Coffee

    Is anyone planning to attend this weekend? Rigged for Dirt - OC
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    March Club Run: Red Rock Canyon - Last Chance Canyon

    You are welcome to come along on a run or to a meeting without first joining the club. After that, if the club feels like a good fit for you then go ahead and join. Chris
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    Speedometer Cluster Disassembly Question

    Just following up... I cleaned the gears behind the magnetic cup using electronics cleaner blasted in while spinning with a drill. A lot of dark crap came out with the fluid. I then greased the gears while spinning slowly with the drill to get the grease sucked back into the housing. The...
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    Speedometer Cluster Disassembly Question

    Assuming the parts on an FJ62 are similar, I think that the part of the speedometer that I want to disassemble may not be serviceable based on this post: FJ62 Speedometer Noise - Disassemble, Clean , Swap WITH PHOTOS Anyone know for sure before I put it back together?
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Bummed that I missed the run... Instead, I took the opportunity to head out with my son yesterday since he does not have much free time... I added the club run photos to the website: Last Chance Canyon A couple pics from the Rohwer Flats trail that we took:
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    March Club Run: Red Rock Canyon - Last Chance Canyon

    Looks like a nice run! I uploaded the photos above and ones that I received from @bdobyns to the club photo page. Last Chance Canyon If anyone wants me to add their photos to the club page, please upload to this folder and I will move them: So Ca TLCA - Last Chance Canyon -...
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    Speedometer Cluster Disassembly Question

    I have a brand new oem cable so I can rule that out. It still bounced like crazy when I moved it over to my other 40 so I think the problem is somewhere in the cluster. The gears behind the “bell” look okay from what I can see. I am hoping it is something simple like gummed up gears...
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    Speedometer Cluster Disassembly Question

    The speedometer on my '82 FJ40 started acting very erratic, jumping up to 80+ mph while only going about 40. It is not the plastic gear in the transfer case or cable. I moved the cluster to my '80 FJ40 and it did the same thing. I took it apart and everything looks and seems to work as it...
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    98 LX470 owner looking for AHC deletion mechanic or shop in LA

    If you decide to delete the AHC then RPM Garage in Monrovia would probably be a good choice.
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    Day Runs

    Calico area is also a good choice. I believe that either @DirtyRice Joe or @bdobyns has the Gaia coordinates of the trail the club took in January.
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    March Club Run: Red Rock Canyon - Last Chance Canyon

    This run will be either a long day trip for some or an overnight camping trip for others. We plan to run Last Chance Canyon trail in Red Rock Canyon State Park and then explore other areas of the park such as Burro Schmidt Tunnel or the old Dutch Cleanser mine. The plan is to meet at the...
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