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    Unnamed White 94 FZJ80 build

    Yes, I replaced the lines.
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    Unnamed White 94 FZJ80 build

    I moved the trans cooler to the passenger side and the horn to the driver’s side to accommodate my Warn 9000i that I mounted similarly. It wasn’t too much trouble to do.
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    I should have done that, but I didn’t think of it at the time.
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    Front Autolocker in Stock PT 4WD 80?

    With your setup and use I wouldn’t hesitate to put an auto locker in the front. If you are ever in a tight spot and have too much traction to make a turn you can pop it out of 4wd or just turn out one hub.
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    I ordered something from partsgeek once. They sent me the wrong part. I contacted them to alert them to the error they had made and request the right part and they guy said “didn’t you read the the terms and conditions? We do not accept returns” THEY sent me the wrong part and wouldn’t do...
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    Builds '97 40th Build

    Haha! I have Duratracs on mine and love them. If you asked me what I like about them I’d mention how quite and smooth they are. That said the Duratracs are the least aggressive tire I have ever owned, so maybe it is just a matter of perspective. :)
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    Fender Flare Part Number needed

    Not to hi-jack, but I really need to figure out where to get 917 -- the square plastic insert that goes into the body of the vehicle at the bottom of the flare.
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    Trailer tail light electrical confusion

    The grounds have been checked thoroughly and are all good. Test were conducted with the trailer connected and disconnected, though I don't rely on the hitch as a ground.
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    Trailer tail light electrical confusion

    I have brake lights and turn signals on my trailer that work fine, but the tail lights don't. The first thing I did was check for voltage at the plug on the vehicle with a volt meter and everything is good. So, I spent a bunch of time on the trailer. I can't find any problem there. I plugged the...
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    Rear Bumper Options (New Member)

    X2 on the 4x4 labs bumper. I haven’t seen one that is higher and tighter. They also offer tons of options for spare tire mounting and other gear if you want that. If you’ll ever have 35+ tires you’ll need somewhere to put a spare.
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    LX450 Cummins 6BT Engine Swap

    My understanding is that registration costs in Germany are based on engine displacement. How expensive will it be in terms of vehicle registration to go from 4.5L, which is already very large by European standards, to 5.9L? I'm guessing by your budget it isn't a big deal to you, but I'm curious.
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    White Knuckle Rock Slider

    I went with HREW to save a few bucks. Big mistake. I have a huge dent in one where I slid off a rock into another rock. I also spent a lot of money on a pint of color matched gray bumper paint. It looked great until I did a trail with rocks. Now it is all scratched up and I don't have an...
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    E1 vs E2-rated tires?

    I really wanted D's because I thought they'd be more compliant, but they were hard to find. I ended up with Goodyear Duratrac's in E and I have been super pleased with them. They get super soft when aired down.
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    4X4 Labs rear bumper mudflaps.

    Hmmm...... I was looking more for suggestions for how to design clever disconnects that are out of the way of rocks and such.
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    I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but ... want a winch bumper, winch, and rear bumper, but...

    This is what I did, primary to avoid added weight, but I also wanted a better approach angle than most have. Also had the added benefit of low cost. For the rear I did 4X4 labs, because I wanted high and tight.
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