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    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Been dealing with a small, but consistent leak from our water dispenser in our Whirlpool fridge for the last 7 months. It started under warranty and they sent a tech out about 6 times during the first 4 months of the issue to replace various lines, valves, go. Finally convinced...
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    Telescoping steering wheel question. 02 lx470

    x2 on Techstream. That's how I disabled mine.
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    The Bicycle Thread

    Just received my 1UP rack and had my bike serviced. Looking forward to getting back out on the trails soon. It's been a few years.
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    Heli Coil Shop near Charlotte NC

    I see you already found a shop, but I highly recommend Trollhole's Cruisers just outside Greenville, SC. They did a great job with mine.
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    Just moved to NC - tire suggestions for local adventures

    I have run Falken Wilpeak A/T3W on mine for over 2 yrs (mostly on road with some FS roads mixed in) and pleased with them. A bit of a heavier tire, but no real noticeable effect on mpg's and they have a ton of tread left.
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    The COVID Thread

    So sorry for your loss Drew. We need to continue to do our best to keep our families safe and healthy.
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    I'll take these, if still available.
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    Long Range tank install and rear bumper...

    A little late on this and I see you've already made a decision, but I had my LRA auxiliary tank installed on my LX at Trollhole's last year and highly recommend them. Also, Main Line Overland in Charlotte does LRA installs as another option.
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Wanted: Looking for a spare tire 295/70/18 or close with at least 30-40% tread left. Not too many options on FB marketplace so just checking to see if anyone here has one.
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    ONSC Chat

    Appreciate the great info and advice Al. I'll have to see how the exact procedure is for the 100 series, not sure how similar to the 80.
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    ONSC Chat

    I'm going to have to get my windshield replaced too which is 100% covered by my insurance, but not sure how to get them to agree to OEM glass and correct replacement procedure. Been holding out as long as possible.
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    Rear side window cargo inserts

    I'll take some pictures when I get home.
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    Rear side window cargo inserts

    So far I have only mounted items with molle webbing, but will need to figure out a way to mount fire extinguisher, etc. The version I have does not require drilling and bolting the bottom, so I have to be careful not to mount too much or too heavy. He does sell a heavy duty version for those...
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    Rear side window cargo inserts

    I got mine from Orange Boxx ... highly recommend Darrel and his products!
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    DONE! Group buy ELEMENT fire extinguishers

    I already own 2, otherwise I'd be in. Unless the price really goes down and then maybe I'll pick up another one :hmm:
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