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    Toyota120 14th Annual Easter Mojave trip 4/19-4/21

    Good times in Mojave!! I highly recommend it!!
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    New in town

    welcome East coast!! I'm an upstate NY'er!! but I'm in Los Alamos. r recommend removing anything of value off of and inside your cruiser. Welcome to Albuquerque!
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    20th Annual Coal Mine Cruiser Classic

    it's a great event! I highly recommend it!!
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    New Mexico HB 231 adding front bumper license plate to NM vehicles

    "a front plate goes against my 1st amendment right" ... or "... religious beliefs".. problem solved!! lol!! but yeah, the law enforcement in this state is a joke.
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    Snowbash 2019

    more pictures needed!!
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    Moab Fall Classic 2019

    Chicken Corner, and Arches Nation park are now on the list! Fins and Things is a possibility, I just don't know if my Dad with 5stents in his heart can handle the stress. I don't need him having a heart attack
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    they should of had a toyota

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    Fall Moab Classic 2019

    Arches Nation park & Chicken Corners are on the list for trail runs this year! Fins N things is a possibility (again, you can do whatever you want to do! it's not a structured / scheduled weekend outing!)
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    Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind Sat Jan 19th 9 am

    wish a gathering would be set in Santa Fe
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    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    mini me
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    Tell Me About Your Roof Rack

    Warrior Products flat rack. one of the least expensive full length roof racks with a 1,000lb. capacity limit and alot of eccesaccess (hi-lift mounts, awning brackets, ect)
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    Moab Fall Classic 2019

    if my buddy Ben and Tyler go they probably will be doing some Mt.biking
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    Moab Fall Classic 2019

    Kane Creek Reservations are open!! This year I made reservations for the Full Service RV Site. 10 sites, I know of 2 that have already been reserved leaving 8 left.. Not mandatory to stay at the RV sites. they just happen to be the closest to the showers. Last year we camped at the Deluxe Tree...
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