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    Fender Flare Part Number needed

    Maybe this will help. I have been working on my fender flares as well. Here is the list: 53858-60050 - 4 - Fender Flare Bolt 90179-06144 - 4 - Fender Flare Nut 90183-06016 - 2 - Fender Flare Nut Clip 90159-60551 - 2 - Tapping Screw With Washer 90189-06005 - 1 - Screw Grommet 90189-05027 - 1...
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    Recommendation for Shop capable of an 80 Series full Restoration?

    There is also Profitt's Cruiser The Best in Land Cruiser Restorations | Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers. They have a full restoration program as well.
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    Vehicle Options?

    I'm from Colorado. You can get snow anytime, even the summer... Probably mid to late October is still safe but November gets a little sketchy.
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    80 Series Rear Tire Carrier Wing Design

    PM Sent! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
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    80 Series Factory Bumper Swing Out DIY Kits

    I'm in as well!
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    Best outdoor store for James Baroud

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    Fixable - Repairable - Buyable

    Thanks @cme4lyt. Trying to find something on how to actually do it. I'll definitely have to deal with rust, this was an east coast truck. On Youtube, someone was showing how to do remove the radiator support but it had spot welds. You didn't have to deal with any welded spots did you? I'll...
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    Fixable - Repairable - Buyable

    Thank you so guys!!! Appreciate the advice.
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    Fixable - Repairable - Buyable

    Hello everyone. Can't go fishing because the rule here in Colorado is to play within 10 miles of your home. The area I fish is further. So, looking over the 97 LC. I was told that this might be able to be fixed by welding in a new piece. Is this frame piece something that can be purchased...
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    Pop top

    This is amazing. Sent you a PM
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    Engine rebuild?

    My engine was rebuilt by Robbie Antonson. I had a blown HG and bunch of leaks. Robbie gave me several options but the one I opted for was a complete rebuilt. I can't tell you in words how amazing Robbie's work. Never had a problem with anything he touched, always fair pricing and always...
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    Axles and Birfields, Again....Seriously?

    I bought everything from Kurt at I was very happy with all the advice and materials. They really know what they are doing. He recommended sticking with basics for me. I don't wheel on anything hard, just dirt roads mainly.
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    80 Series Campteq Pop-Up is For Sale

    He's asking $7,500
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    80 Series Campteq Pop-Up is For Sale

    Yes, so as to not misspeak, here is the quote directly " The roof does not need to be cut. The tops can be glued on or clamps depending upon how you want to use it. Ie: cut-glue; no cut- clamps generally speaking. " So, you can cut the roof and put the top on, or you can just keep your roof and...
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    80 Series Campteq Pop-Up is For Sale

    If anyone is looking for the elusive Campteq pop-up for an 80 series, I have been in touch with @Thecriscokid . He has a brand new one available. I am very interested but @Thecriscokid has been awesome to talk to and wanted to see him sell the one he has soon, if not to me, then someone else...
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