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    Having a hard time justifying the cost....

    That's true. A few years ago I was selling my high mileage LS430 on Craigslist for an asking price higher than KBB dealer price because I was in no hurry. Some company bought it from me without any inspection or haggling. They told me they export cars esp. reliable luxury ones and V8 powerful...
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    Having a hard time justifying the cost....

    The 100 and 200 series have been and will be the only V8 Land Cruisers ever available in the US. We won't get the 300 series LC version here, and the LX version will probably be a turbo V6 also. So the price of V8 LCs will not likely come down o_O Sequoia and Tundra are cheaply made compared to...
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    Looking for a good indi Wrench in Maine.

    @suprarx7nut Hi suprarx7nut: It's great to know your shop is offering AHC service 😍 . Could you please let us know if your shop only checks the proper functionality or also do maintenance (fluid flush etc.) and/or repair on AHCs?
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    Looking for a good indi Wrench in Maine.

    That's sad to hear 😂 Have you tried Lexus dealers? They may know more given that most LXs have AHCs. But I wouldn't be surprised if Lexus charges even more than Toyotas.
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    Looking for a good indi Wrench in Maine.

    Delete repeated reply from #22
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    Looking for a good indi Wrench in Maine.

    Is it worth it to send the truck to Toyota dealership for a once over of the AHC making sure they function as expected, and then do future maintenance DIY?
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    260K Miles 100 Series

    There is almost no other brand produces reliable cars as consistently as Toyota/Lexus. From my friends' and my own experience, all ours cars with >200k miles without major issues are Toyota/Lexus. I've had Lexus LSx2, ES, LX, Toyota LC, Corolla, Camry, 4runner x2, all bought very used and drove...
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    260K Miles 100 Series

    Totally understand your situation 😂. What I meant was you can find some of the best conditioned LC/LX from members of this forum. Some members here are world experts on LC/LX100, know their trucks in great detail, way more than dealerships. The rest of us try to learn as much as possible from...
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    260K Miles 100 Series

    The best strategy is to buy a Hundy from a MUD member here. Then we know the truck has been baselined at least once a year :D
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    Windshield replacement recommendation around Los Angeles

    Could someone please recommend a competent shop in Northern Cali? Thanks!
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    Alternator Issues

    My original alternator went bad at 250k miles during a road trip far away from home, and I had to get it replaced at a nearest PepBoys shop. The only alternator works for LC they had was a generic brand "Part # 13994" and costs $380. Would this alternator be reliable for the next 100k miles? Too...
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    100vs 200?

    Most of the parts, esp. the aftermarket offroading oriented parts and labor are more expensive for the 200. If I were to build a 200, it would likely end up being a mall crawler and won't ever be taken off road 😂
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    Frame compatibility between years 98-07

    Are there certain model years more/less prone to rust? (Tacoma had a few years very prone to rust and then Toyota fixed it.) What about 200 series vs. 100 series? Thanks!
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    Baselining - What am I forgetting

    Hi Kevin2i, does changing the starter and alternator while doing TB save labor cost/time? (Or any of the combination of starter, alternator and TB, do they share similar work in order to access/disassemble the parts?) Thanks. (I'm trying to combine jobs and save labor cost as much as possible :D)
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    Top 3 original items to replace for well-maintained & already-baselined Hundy between 200k-300k miles

    Thanks for the info. I'll pm him well in advance to see if he may have time.
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