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    SOLD 1985 FJ60, non-runner, Coast of Maine

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    SOLD 1985 FJ60, non-runner, Coast of Maine

    Price drop bump. Let's get some new life out of what's left of Scarlet.
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    For Sale 2017 Tacoma TRD OffRoad DCLB Quicksand Built

    Yes, new home in Durango Colorado.
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    SOLD 1985 FJ60, non-runner, Coast of Maine

    Thread bump. This rusty beast needs a new home. Drivetrain conversion, woods/trail truck. Rehab. Poor Scarlet needs some love and some kind of afterlife. Make me an offer, bring your trailer.
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    65 swb fj45

    This truck definitely ended up in the right place. Only @jmlockwood and the @Onur and @FJ60Cam dream team could bring it all the way into the 21st century. Strong work gentlemen. :clap::popcorn::cheers:
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    For Sale Reproduction Toyota rear sill stickers available again

    I have about 6 left. Send me a PM.
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    SOLD 1985 FJ60, non-runner, Coast of Maine

    Some of the Pics didn't post for some reason. Here is a link to all that I have.
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    SOLD  1985 FJ60, non-runner, Coast of Maine

    I picked this up over the winter as a donor vehicle for a drivetrain swap into an FJ55. The pig is gone, and this needs a new home. 187k miles, motor runs great. Was a daily driver until the prior owner blew the clutch pulling a stump. And when I say blew the clutch, I mean nuked it from orbit...
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    Sow #2 in the works!

    I had gathered these things up for the green Pig that now sits at @Pigeaten's place. Early non-ABS FJ80 1993-94 master cylinder. I got mine from Kurt. @65swb45 makes a conversion plate for the fire wall to go from 3 bolts to 4. That is supposed to work fine with the rear drums. There isn't...
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    I have a problem

    Definitely some truth there.
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    I have a problem

    Indeed, I did. Owned it just long enough to drive it over to my house and get those plates (yes, I kept one). After buying it, the price of my barn to store old cruisers came back, just a BIT elevated from the original discussion. Once the barn cost exceeded $300k, I took a long look at whether...
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    65 swb fj45

    Update. BAD: Looks like the road trip isn't going to happen. GOOD: This truck deserves to be brought all the way into the 21st century. Homecoming is delayed, but the old girl is coming home with an @FJ60Cam Mosley "Cop Motor" on board. :alien::devil::smokin:
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    For Sale 2021 LC200 - NEW - Fully built - BP-51, XPEL, Chrome delete, Sliders, Winch, More...

    Lost track of how many vehicles I've purchased from Eric at Ed Martin. 6 maybe? And I lived in VA and now NH. Two weeks ago, I was hunting for a 2021 Tacoma for my son. None to be found anywhere. I emailed Eric with specs. Despite being on vacation, he found the exact truck, possibly the only...
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    SOLD Austin,TX / 2013 Toyota LC / Blizzard Pearl White / 133,346 miles

    No timing belt on a 200
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    what's up with posting a classified ads??

    @Blasst sent you a PM
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