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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Thanks Lee! I will try to follow up to this thread.
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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Thanks Lee! the link was very helpful! Still no issues since you replaced yours?
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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Bringing up an older thread. Anyone else that was having an issue with not starting find the solution? I have replaced the starter solenoid and starter. Symptom is still there. Insert key, turn and dash lights up but no clicking or starting. I can jiggle the shifter and it will start right up...
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    Shift handle needed

    That looks to be a RHD shifter FWIW.
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    Shift handle needed

    we all have our days... LOL. I just did a quick search because I need one and I remember seeing one a few years ago.
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    Shift handle needed

    Found this with a quick google search Shifter Lever Knob Black Leather 1998-2002 [33542-20160-C0] - $219.44 :, Toyota Landcruiser Parts
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    99 with PS leak down low...replace the rack??

    Most replace the rack due to the amount of work required to get in there. there is a seal kit out there. It is one of the more difficult parts to service on these vehicles. for a while there were a number that replaced with remanned rack and replaced again within a year or two. I may be wrong...
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    Radio replacement / bypass amp

    You can get a harness to by pass the amp under the seat to an after market radio. Crutchfeild carries it.
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    'Pop' goes the front end....

    My pop ended up coming from my skid plates as the frame flexes. To answer your question about bushings - This thread has the best info I am aware of. Hope this helps! Jonathan
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    Upgraded Headlight Bulbs Comparo

    I often wonder if the HIR bulbs I bought years ago were in fact HIR as I was greatly underwhelmed with them...
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    Troubleshooting help...pop while turning

    I had a similar noise. Turned out to be my belly plate of my skids. Had to do with frame flex..... Are you running Slee or BOIR skids?
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    Reverse / Auxillary Lights - Lift Gate Mount

    I believe lab rak made something for this. ...via IH8MUD app
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    Icon shocks

    Never had success in that location. Horrible bracket design and location IMHO. But, some have had success and perhaps you will too. As blue mentioned there are a ton of variables that will affect it. I run my Radflo's on the frame rails using a bracket made for 4runners. Zero problems since...
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    Light Racing 100 Series/LX470 UCA Group Buy @ Metal Tech

    Both spressso and I have had plenty of success. ...via IH8MUD app
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    2000 LX470 OEM Rim questions ?

    Yes. This for front only.
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